These twelve jurors were not angry enough! (with the Smith brothers)

Yesterday, a jury in Northern Ireland found four brothers guilty of the manslaughter of Thomas O’Hare and Lisa McClatchey.

The links below provide the background to, and details of, this truly horrific case. In one link, the despicable killers, the Smith brothers, can be seen (this time without their balaclavas.)

In our opinion, the verdict should have been “guilty of murder in the first degree.”

It appears that two other men should have stood with them in the dock, two men the Smith’s refuse to name.

Is it possible that the two unnamed are Collum Smith, the father of the murderous quartet, because in 2007, he was charged with impeding the subsequent investigation and, the day after the killings (in November, 2006,) he sold his green Mondeo car for scrap, a car that had been used to transport his badly injured sons to hospital after their murderous attack on Thomas O’Hare and his girlfriend Lisa McClatchey.
Could the other unnamed man be Adrian Morgan, boyfriend of a sister of the Smith’s who allegedly sent a text to the phone found at the scene of the attack, which read, “Is everything ok?” He then rang that phone twice.

The four Smith brothers didn’t reckon on divine intervention upsetting their evil plans that night, but intervene God did and He taught those brothers a terrifying lesson because as they inflicted terrible suffering on their victims, they also were seriously burned.

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