Scotland the (not so) Brave!

Here are some lines from the patriotic song, “Scotland the Brave,”

“When armies and empires against me were hurled,”

“Firm as my native rock I have withstood the shock.”

Well, yesterday, Scotland faced an enemy and she did not withstand the shock, she kowtowed to the enemy who triumphed over her.

Of what do we speak? The homosexual juggernaut, of course, forcing its agenda on society, and desiring to crush all opposition, by outlawing it with “hate speech” laws.

The Scottish Parliament voted yesterday on legalising homosexual “marriage,” and the result was 98 MSP’s in favour and 15 opposed.
Now the Bill goes to the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities committee who will consider amendments, before MSP’s vote on a final version of said Bill early in 2014.

The aggressive challengers in the “gay” lobby will probably be the victors in the final vote and Scotland will legalise homosexual marriage, despite the fact that this is not their ( the gay lobby’s) goal but rather another stepping stone on the road that leads to destruction, the destruction of marriage (real marriage, man plus woman marriage, that is) altogether.

Oh  Scotland, yesterday, the “gay” lobby against you were hurled, but, sadly, you did not stand “firm as my native rock,” against their evil demands.
It cannot be said that Scotland “withstood the shock,” of the demands made of her by these aggressive challengers.

Instead, just like England, the country many Scots desire independence from, Scotland was weighed in the balances and, when it came to protecting real marriage, was found wanting.


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