A true Christian confronts a false one!

Last month in Newark, New Jersey, the Mayor, Cory Booker, who dares to call himself a Christian, was over the moon as he performed Newark’s first homosexual “wedding.”

The Mayor was as high as a kite as he engaged in a bizarre, abnormal, and dangerous charade of “marrying” one man to another.

Mercifully, a voice of sanity was heard in the din of madness.

Mark de Rouville, a true Christian, and a brave one, shouted out these tremendous, powerful words, at the point in the ceremony when those witnessing the proceedings can raise any objections to the marriage,

“This is unlawful in the eyes of God and Jesus Christ.”

The intolerant “tolerant” Mayor, ordered that Mr. de Rouville be removed from the premises, dismissing his objections with these words, “Not hearing any substantive and worthy objections……….”

As he was being led away, Mr. de Rouville called out, ” Turn to Jesus Christ, He alone can save.”

Bravo, Mr.de Rouville, don’t let them silence you!”


One thought on “A true Christian confronts a false one!

  1. Now the Whites are praising people who cause a disturbance of the peace and who interrupt a wedding. And there I thought Christians were meant to be peaceful people.

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