Update on trial of Messers Trollip and Prinsloo (South Africa)

On Wednesday of this past week, Mark Trollip and Johan Prinsloo were back in Bloemfontein High Court in South Africa to answer charges of high treason against the ANC government.

A third man, Martin Keevy, has been deemed unfit to stand trial, and is in a psychiatric unit indefinitely.

In Court on Wednesday past, Mark Trollip agreed to a plea bargain, the conditions of which meant he pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge, and the charge of high treason was withdrawn. Consequently, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Johan Prinsloo did not agree to a plea bargain and his trial is due to commence in the new year (Jan or Feb, 2014.)

Our concern for these men is, and always has been, their welfare in prison, because whites in South Africa are often in danger in prison simply because they are white.

We believe that all accused and imprisoned men (and women) be they black or white (or Chinese or Indian etc,) should be safe in prison and should be treated humanely, but we have read so many accounts of brutal, inhumane and disgraceful treatment of people in prison in South Africa (particularly whites,) that we have feared for the safety of the men mentioned above (and there was a fourth man originally arrested with them last December who is now a free man, all charges having been dropped.)

We will continue to watch this situation with grave concern.

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