Our complaint about pro-abortion Nolan show sent to Director General of BBC!

Today we posted a letter to the Director General of the BBC in London informing him about our complaint about the pro-abortion bias of the Nolan show, and our total dissatisfaction with the response we received from said show.

The letter was sent using the “signed for” service of Royal Mail, ensuring (we hope,) that the Director General himself (and no-one else,) will deal with our complaint.

The disgraceful pro-abortion bias of Stephen Nolan and his show is so serious that it requires going over a few truth-denying individual’s heads and going right to the top.

We seek nothing less than an admission of bias on the part of Nolan. We also believe he deserves censure from the DG of the BBC and trust this will be forthcoming.

4 thoughts on “Our complaint about pro-abortion Nolan show sent to Director General of BBC!

  1. You two deserve to be lined up against a wall and shot at very close range. You love the attention, you love the sensation hence your article here. You are both two very sick individuals who get your kicks out of interfering in other people’s lives. I wish you both the worst kind of deaths imaginable. You are vile, disgusting, hateful people with putrid souls. You call yourselves Christians…? shame they dont still throw you to feed the lions.

    • We informed you that we would not permit you to make any further comments on our blog.

      However, because of the threatening nature of the comments you have made today (three, and all on our most recent post,) we have decided to publish them.

      We want our readers to see how evil, dangerous and threatening you are, and also the verbal assaults we have to endure.

      Very few people could endure the verbal attacks and death threats we have endured on this blog, simply for telling the truth.

      Now GR, you had better hope that no harm befalls us, because if we are harmed in any way, we think the Police should start their investigation with you.

  2. And if you ask why I bother with this sorry excuse for a blog…I come here only to see how much lower you both can stoop as humans. My finding is you are both so low as to be gutter scum. You lead very sad lives indeed to be the way you are. You are farmers I understand…save your animals and take yourselves to the abbattoir instead and put us all out of our misery. I am sure the ‘black savages’ in south africa would find you very palatable.

  3. And further more you two complete and utter idiots…I shall be calling Stephen Nolan on Monday morning to report what you both have written here to show up what fools you are wasting the time and resources of the BBC. I shall visit every single You Tube clip you have posted here and leave your personal details on the site as comments, your names – Susan-Anne and Francis White of Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland, and what kind of people you really are. You are sanctimonious bullies…pure and simple.

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