Does the Bible teach Roman Catholic doctrines?

A Roman Catholic blog posted an article today which made the astounding claim that ” the Bible refutes major beliefs held by Bible-reading Protestants.”

To bolster her incredible claim, the writer listed the Roman Catholic doctrines below, prefaced with the words, “The Bible teaches…..”

She claims that,

The Bible teaches that man is not justified by faith alone.

The Bible teaches Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity and Assumption into Heaven; and the importance of venerating Mary.

The Bible teaches the existence of Purgatory.

The Bible teaches that Jesus made Peter the first pope.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

The Bible teaches confession to a priest.

The Bible teaches veneration of saints.

The Bible teaches infant baptism.

Should any of our readers wish to read her article in its entirety, simply click on the following link,

We have already commented on her post but she may or may not publish our comments, because we made it clear to her that her claims demonstrate both her arrogant Roman Catholicism and her ignorance of the Bible.

4 thoughts on “Does the Bible teach Roman Catholic doctrines?

  1. Perhaps her faith is so weak that she cannot abide an opposing view and so has to censor what others said. Seems to be a common problem on religious fundie blogs.

  2. How typical, the arrogance and the competitiveness that exists in christianity. What a bunch of clowns you all are, all thinking your way is right.

  3. I think the Whites have answered their own question as to why their comments were not posted on that blog. No doubt the Whites were rude, sanctimonious, unchristian, bigoted and downright insulting in their comment. Why should the blogger publish such irrelevant comments…eh Francis and Susie?

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