For the want of 4 (DUP) votes, Halal meat labelling Bill was defeated

We have recently discovered that during a vote on a Bill to make the labelling of Halal and Kosher meat compulsory, five members of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) were absent.

The vote took place in the House of Commons in Westminster on 24/4/12 and was rejected by 3 votes.

The absentee DUP Members of Parliament (MP’s) on that occasion were,

Gregory Campbell
Sammy Wilson
Nigel Dodds
Ian Paisley Junior
Jeffrey Donaldson

Three other DUP M.P’s were present and voted “Aye” to the proposal to make the labelling of halal and kosher meat compulsory.

Their names are,

David Simpson
Jim Shannon
William McCrea

We commend them for doing their duty and for their concern for animal welfare.

However, because of the absence of their five colleagues, the proposal was rejected and, unless they were absent for reasons beyond their control, we believe those five men need to explain their absence.

Perhaps viewing the following video of halal slaughter of defenceless lambs, during which they were practically decapitated and left to die in terror and agony, may help those absentee MP’s to ensure their presence during a similar vote in Parliament in the future, should another MP have the courage to once again raise the matter of barbaric halal slaughter.

5 thoughts on “For the want of 4 (DUP) votes, Halal meat labelling Bill was defeated

    • Please view the video of halal slaughter and other videos of same which we gave links to on another of our posts entitled, “Cruel and Barbaric – the slaughter that is Halal.”
      The DUP have 8 MP’s in Westminster and are the largest Unionist party in NI, therefore we are concerned about their vote (or absence from a vote,) in a myriad of legislation which is proposed in Parliament.
      We are not members of any political party but we have observed with increasing alarm the abandonment of principle on the part of the DUP in so many policy matters.
      They could at least have done the right thing in the proposal to label halal (by voting “aye”) but five did not!
      If you wish to name the other absentee MP’s you mentioned in your comment, go ahead, be our guest, but this is so typical of the DUP i.e distract attention away from your failures by highlighting the failures of others.

      • When you say “abandonment of principle” whose principles are you referring to – yours, theirs, some other group. Do you mean they abandoned your principles ? They are entitled to do that,

        They cannot abandon principles they do not hold even if you do, To be fair though the DUP usually have to be dragged through the courts to force them to abandon most of their more inhumane principles.

          • Why would I want to view a video of animals being killed?

            Whether we have labelling on food as to how it was killed will make no difference to the number of animals being dispatched in this way (especially as it will have no effect on the vast majority of slaughter which occurs outside the UK).

            If you were trying to stop Halal slaughter (or Kosher come to that) in the UK then there might have been a point but this vote (and your post) was on labelling.

            Trying to get people to stop doing things that their daft religious beliefs tell them to is an uphill struggle – no matter what religion they profess to follow.

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