Michael Wardlow’s “gay” house of cards where the floor is “compliance” and the ceiling is “celebration

Further to our post about “Gay rights” enforcer Dr.Michael Wardlow, we came across an article of an interview with the man himself which dates from February this year and is found in AgendaNi magazine, in which he unambiguously sets out his agenda (which is identical to the homosexual agenda.)

The article is entitled, ” Michael Wardlow: Moving beyond compliance in equality.”
Here are some Wardlow quotes from the article,

“It can appear at times that equality is only discussed in terms of compliance with legal requirements.
“I would argue that compliance is the floor, not the ceiling, and we must move beyond compliance to achieve the society we want.” (end of quote)

Dear reader of our blog, do not miss the chilling nature of Michael Wardlow’s words. He means to force acceptance and tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle on a resistant society, culminating in a forced societal “celebration” of all things LGBT.

To any “sleeping” Christians out there, we say, it is time you woke up to the terrible danger we are in. Don’t believe the lies of the homosexual lobby and their supporters (like Michael Wardlow,) when they say that homosexual marriage will not be forced on society in general, and Christians in particular. Mr. Wardlow has stated that compliance is the floor i.e  it’s only the beginning, there is more (much more,) and much worse to come.

The goal of Equality laws in general, (and the agenda of the LGBT lobby in particular,) is a nightmarish society in which there is no right or wrong, no good or evil and no absolute truth, because they want everything to be “relative” i.e “relative” to what the individual thinks or desires or wants to engage in, at any given moment.

Here are google links to two videos featuring Dr. Michael Wardlow, which clearly show the extent of his support for, and promotion of the LGBT lobby. They have a powerful ally in Dr.Michael Wardlow.

Google Michael Wardlow interviewed by Julia Paul


Google Michael Wardlow congratulates Foyle Pride

PS  If there are problems in finding these youtube videos, please inform us.




One thought on “Michael Wardlow’s “gay” house of cards where the floor is “compliance” and the ceiling is “celebration

  1. Whereas, of course, you would want some absolute truth (of your concoction) to be forced on society.

    What you completely fail to understand is that as humans and citizens we are and should be free to follow our individualistic desires, free from your absolute truths as long as we do not harm anyone else. You are free to have your religion fetish and others are free to follow their own path.

    Why is it that you wish to have the freedom to be religious but deny others the freedom to be themselves ?

    Why can you not live and let live?

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