Meet the “Gay” agenda Enforcer and Chief Commissar, oops, Commissioner, Michael Wardlow!

Yesterday, the Equality Commission NI came out (no pun intended) with a statement supporting homosexual “marriage (no surprise there!)

Here are some quotes  from said statement,

” We as a commission support same-sex marriage. It is a fundamental equality matter.
“There is the opportunity for our executive to show leadership by publishing a sexual orientation strategy. That is the basis on which we can proceed to deal with some of these issues, like the ban on donating blood, same-sex adoption and same sex marriage.”
(end of quote from Dr. Michael Wardlow)

Who is this man Wardlow?   According to his profile on the website of the ECNI, he holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology from Queen’s University, Belfast. One would have thought that he would have been confronted with the Bible’s prohibition (an Old Testament AND New Testament prohibition, we wish to make clear,) on homosexual activity, at some time during his studies. He was studying Theology, after all.

It is disgraceful and chilling in the extreme for Mr.Wardlow and his Commission to publicly declare their support for the homosexual agenda (note their statement clearly shows their support for all three of the present demands of the homosexual lobby  i.e  “gay” adoption, “gay” blood donation and “gay” marriage.)

We have used the word “Commissar” in our post title deliberately, and in relation to Mr.Wardlow, and a reading of more than one dictionary definition of the word should explain our choice of this word.

“Commissar” means “an official of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union or present-day China, in charge of political indoctrination and the enforcement of Party loyalty.”

The word can also mean, ” A person who tries to control public opinion.”
We believe that Michael Wardlow and his Commission are attempting to do just that  i.e  “control public opinion,” and “indoctrinate the public,” to accept homosexuality as “normal and healthy,” and, if that fails, capitulation to the demands of the homosexual agenda will be enforced by Mr.Wardlow and his ilk.

In his statement, quoted above, he spoke of the executive i.e they need to show leadership.  The Executive have twice rejected homosexual “marriage” (we are happy to report) but Mr.Wardlow is not happy with the decision of the Executive and, no doubt, he will agitate and agitate until they vote in support of “gay” marriage (perish the thought.)

However, we have a suggestion for Dr.Wardlow. He could “show leadership” by forming a queue, with him at the head of it, all of them with their sleeves rolled up, waiting their turn to receive a blood donation from homosexuals and/or male and female prostitutes. Then we will know that such blood is “safe” and that Mr.Wardlow has the courage of his convictions.

In conclusion, we wish our readers to know that Michael Wardlow (yes, THAT Michael Wardlow of ECNI fame,) was the featured speaker on this morning’s Thought for the Day on BBC NI’s radio programme, Good Morning Ulster.

At first, we thought the speaker shared the same name with the man from Equality, but we were told by the Equality Commission that the speaker this morning was their Michael Wardlow, but wished to assure us that he was speaking in a personal capacity.

How strange!  The man from Equality was on Good Evening Ulster last night issuing his chilling statement and he pops up again on BBC NI this morning (when they were careful to omit stating his credentials) and giving his “Thought for the Day” and we are to conclude that his radio slot (and the timing of it) was a coincidence?

We think not!

3 thoughts on “Meet the “Gay” agenda Enforcer and Chief Commissar, oops, Commissioner, Michael Wardlow!

  1. From the QUB website

    !In Queen’s the Theology degrees involve several disciplines: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, World Perspectives, Biblical Languages, Historical Theology, Philosophy of Religion and Pastoral Studies.”

    It is a degree based on studying these things and just like their English Literature degrees it does not require believing everything that is read or indeed following it. For many theology leads them to the correct conclusion that it is all a load of old nonsense – they have still studied and gained a degree in theology.

    You seem to confuse studying your religion with being deluded by it.

    Ypur definition of the word Commissar is interesting

    “A person who tries to control public opinion”

    Could that not also be applied to a person who continually preaches against other people choices in a public way, who continually invades the public square (through protest, preaching, internet blogging. radio chat shows, the press etc etc) to try to influence public opinion towards a damaging and unevidenced philosophy in an aggressive manner.

    Why is it disgraceful for the ECNI to declare support for an equality issue. It is their job to express opinions on such matters. The fact that it disagrees with your opinion does not make it a disgrace unless you define everything that disagrees with you a disgrace (you probably do).

    Your use of language (disgrace, chilling, extreme) merely alludes to your true colours – a wish to control public opinion in order to establish your own ( and you are almost alone in this) christian fundamentalist evangelical theocracy where everyone follows your crazed ideation.

    What you actually achieve is to make a laughing stock of yourself and thankfully provide another good reason for people to steer clear of religion altogether, For that I thank you and wish you all power to continue, You do more for atheism than rational and critical thinking have ever done.

  2. Hi Bertie Wilson here.

    Am I right in stating that Mr Wardlow and his commission are in existence to enforce the law and see that the law is not abused. I believe over this past years they have been operating well outside their remit and it’s time they were reined in as they don’t appear to answer to anyone.

    • The Equality Commission is a tyrant. Its modus operandi is to threaten and intimidate and haul before the Courts those who refuse to allow the equality thought and speech police to dictate to them what they can and cannot say, think and do. They want a robotic society in which individuals have been programmed by non-stop equality propaganda churned out by Commissar Wardlow and his ilk.

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