Arlene Foster ignores murders of whites in South Africa

The e-mail below was sent to DUP Minister Arlene Foster BEFORE her recent Ministerial visit to South Africa.
We received NO response.
After she returned, we contacted her Office about her failure to respond. Two weeks ago, someone from her Office phoned us and informed us that we would receive a response from Mrs.Foster. We advised the caller that we would post a copy of the e-mail we sent to Mrs.Foster on our blog. The phone call ended with us fully expecting a response from Mrs.Foster, although any response from her AFTER her visit was going to be in the category of “too little, too late.”
We are still waiting for a response from Mrs.Foster.  However, we want our viewers/readers to know that we did what we could to highlight the dreadful situation in South Africa and that Arlene Foster obviously does not share our concern and has not even granted us the courtesy of a reply.
The e-mail below to Mrs. Foster was sent on Wednesday, 11th September at 16:51
Dear Mrs. Foster,
We understand that you are undertaking a Ministerial visit to South Africa next week. May we make a request? Will you seek opportunities to raise the matter of the near genocide against whites in that country, particularly the torture-murders of many white farm families.
Also, may we further request that you enquire as to the conditions in which two white men are being held in Grootvlei prison? We have posted about their case on our blog and we will provide links to our posts about the matters we are highlighting in this e-mail.
Earlier this year we contacted the British Foreign Office about the situation in South Africa, and we were not satisfied with their response (which you can read below.)
We are not members of any political party in Northern Ireland. We are Evangelical Christians and we do what we can via our own blog.
These are shocking facts, we’re sure you will agree, Mrs. Foster.
Our concern for the men mentioned in the above posts is for their welfare in prison.
Thank you,
                  from Susan-Anne and Francis White

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