5 thoughts on “Clodagh’s precious life of 33 days

    • Catherine, we have never held a dead baby in our arms, but this does not mean we cannot give our (Biblical) views on abortion. We have heavily edited your comment because we cannot and will not allow anyone to support/promote the killing of unborn babies on our blog. Whilst we are not unmoved by your comment, we still believe that abortion is wrong and is never the answer. Did you view the video of baby Clodagh? If so, have you any comment to make? Our post, after all, was about the precious,short life of baby Clodagh. We are not immune to the pain of loss, having had two miscarriages during our marriage, and I (Mrs.White) lost a dearly loved (and only) brother, in a car accident in 1991 when he was 23 years old.

  1. When you talk about what you believe, all this can now mean are the facts you chose deliberately to ignore and the fantasy you wish us to pretend is a valid possibility in their place. We have to put up with this because of your freedom of speech. However you refuse to accept anyone elses right to their opinions and bully, harrass, intimidate and try to threaten people for not accepting your false authority. Your letter to the nolan show was a particularly hilarious and repellant example of this.

    IMO it’s possible to evolve liberal democracy and secularism to the point where the lies you try to assert are not respected as valid “beliefs” just because you say so. You should have to produce empirical evidence that a foetus is a child. When you are unable to do that you should be laughed out of the room.

  2. So what you are saying is that a woman who submits herself to the harrowing and ghoulish new modern trend of carrying a dead and deformed baby to term so she can ‘meet’ it is the only type of woman who is worthy of mention here? I would never allow my wife to do such a gruesome thing and we did not when in 1986 we were asked if we wanted to be induced – we chose to be induced. Why should my wife choose between being induced at 21 weeks to miscarry a dead fetus easily and less traumatically and being cut open under anaesthetic by C Section at 38 weeks to deliver a dead and decaying fetus just to be labelled ‘brave’ and ‘admirable’ by people like you?
    You Mrs White disgust me, you really do. And your brother has nothing to do with this. Sarah did not abort, because her baby was already as good as gone – she was induced. There is a difference! why inflict a birth on a fetus with no head or brain just to make yourself happy?

    • Did you view the video of baby Clodagh? If not, why not? If you did view it, have you nothing to say? Our post was about baby Clodagh, yet all you do is attack us, (Mrs.White, in particular.)

      By the way, according to media reports, Sarah Ewart did have an abortion and her baby was not dead before it.

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