Our complaint to the Nolan Show about their pro-abortion bias

Below is a copy of the e-mail we sent to the Nolan Show today. We await their response.
Dear Sir,
We wish to complain about the pro-abortion bias of the Nolan radio show ever since the Nolan show first aired the story of the woman who was told she was carrying a baby with Anencephaly. Then, the Nolan show continued with their pro-abortion campaign when Mr.Nolan covered the story of “Laura” and her boyfriend (not husband) “Chris.” We were told that “Laura” is carrying twins with Anencephaly.
The Nolan show is so determined to force the Health Minister to allow the killing of babies with Anencephaly that they have ensured “saturation” coverage of these stories. The public are being worn down by this coverage and we believe this is deliberate and that the hoped-for result of the Nolan pro-abortion bias will be a less resistant public  i.e less resistant to the horrors of abortion and more willing to accept abortion of babies with abnormalities.
The Nolan TV show of last week, which featured the story of Sarah was another exercise in pro-abortion campaigning on the part of the Nolan show. One scene, in particular, was shown to gain the public’s “sympathy vote.” We saw Sarah, out in the cold, without a coat, wheeling her suitcase, all alone, making her weary way to an abortion clinic. This was propaganda and wickedly clever. She was over in England with her mother and husband, yet we see her walking all alone.
Mr.Nolan spoke to Bernadette Smith of Precious Life on that TV show. She was in the audience. His hostility towards her was obvious and his attitude to her was disgraceful. He enjoyed making her appear isolated and alone.
We are not associated with Precious Life. We are Evangelical Christians. but we share their pro-life and anti-abortion views.
The cases of Sarah and Laura are tragic (assuming the doctor’s diagnoses in both cases are correct, because sometimes doctors make wrong diagnoses,) but abortion is not the answer.
Such mothers-to-be and their unborn babies need support and careful medical monitoring, and encouragement to continue with their pregnancies. Then, after giving birth, the mothers may have some time to bond with their little babies before the Lord intervenes and takes the babies home to Himself. The mothers will grieve for sure, but they will not experience any guilt, which will surely assail them if they abort their child.
We know that, in the case of Sarah, it is too late, she didn’t want to hear the concerns of those who urged her to continue with her pregnancy. It is not too late for Laura, she has not yet aborted her babies AND it is not too late for her boyfriend Chris to MARRY her.
Now, Nolan show, we do not want to hear any more pro-abortion views from you. Restrain yourself from such campaigning, if you can!
From Susan-Anne and Francis White.

8 thoughts on “Our complaint to the Nolan Show about their pro-abortion bias

  1. You both should be taken to a public place and stoned until you are dead – what a hideous, deprepit couple of unfeeling sanctimonious monsters you both are. You are not human, you are a couple of bleating, repetitive, monotonous drones who should be exterminated along with all your ilk.

  2. I understand your point of view; I used to be pro-life. But when my 13-year-old daughter was raped and as a result got pregnant, the only thing to do was to have an abortion. She could not care for that child and did not want it, and my husband and I would not be cruel enough to force her to live with the consequences of someone else’s crime.

    • Cases such as that you mentioned in your comment are terrible to read about, and we sympathise with you all. However, it is never right to punish an unborn baby for the sins of his/her father. Victims of rape would be greatly helped if their attacker’s punishment was much harsher, for example, at least 20 years in prison with the Judge having the prerogative to hand down a life sentence if he feels 20 years is not enough.
      A baby conceived through rape should not be denied the right to life, and adoption after birth is a possibility if a woman (or child in your daughter’s case,) cannot care for the baby herself.

  3. It is obvious from the statements on your blog that you have only, so far, read or at least chosen to accept the paragraphs of the bible that you choose to want to follow. Try reading or following the entire book. Then we might see a change in your unhuman posts. I will be sure to say a prayer for you!

    • What “paragraphs” in the Bible do you have in mind? Don’t dance around the issue, Sir! Perhaps we can be of some assistance to you, because, after all, we do know the Bible reasonably well. Let us see now, what did you have in mind (or what slipped your mind,) could it be those old chestnuts i.e the prohibition on eating shellfish or the stoning of adulterers? Are we getting close, no? Perhaps you mean the law requiring the stoning of a rebellious child or the killing of witches?
      We have heard it all before, Sir, so, go ahead and bring them up (again,) don’t be so shy (and so predictable.)

      • You’re very aggressive. I would image if you were so sure of your cause you would be able to handle being challenged without this level of aggression. Good luck in putting the world to rights by way of hateful aggressive means. As I said. I will be sure to include you in my prayers.

  4. How exactly do you deem it acceptable or in any way the will of God to force a woman to carry a baby to term who is destined to have hours of life? To put her both her physical and mental health at risk, force her to continue with a pregnancy destined for only one outcome?
    I don’t agree with your views on abortion, but I can respect them with regard to healthy, viable babies. However, in a case such as this I see continuing this pregnancy as unfair and cruel on the mother and her family, as well as the unborn baby. If a person has a health condition, it should be their choice whether they treat it or not?
    Irrespective of your views on abortion, surely we can all agree that the situation these women are in is horrific on all involved. The very least they deserve is the respect to grieve and deal with it in their own way without such judgement from people who know neither them or their situation.

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