Madam Wilcox wishes us dead!

Below is a comment we received on our post about the pro-abortion bias of the Nolan show. It is copied ad verbatim.

“You both should be taken to a public place and stoned until you are dead – what a hideous, deprepit couple of unfeeling sanctimonious monsters you both are. You are not human, you are a couple of bleating, repetitive, monotonous drones who should be exterminated along with all your ilk.”

The commenter’s name is Susie Wilcox.

15 thoughts on “Madam Wilcox wishes us dead!

  1. Shes just venting considering how in the past you would have actually stoned her to death for having an abortion/being a witch/offending your sense of pride. We all know thats what Christians did and we all know if people like you got back into power you’d do it again. That is the eventual outcome of the type of politics you espouse. First abortion is illegal then mothers who miscarry are prosecuted then they are hung in public gallows then they are just stoned by the mob. We spent centuries fighting against this evil and you want to bring it back and that is terribly frustrating and causes much anxiety, so expect people to vent. Dont pretend you arent desperate for it to happen so you can sue and bleat and prove your own persecution complex.

    • We do not believe in the death penalty for women who have had abortions, nor do we believe in the death penalty for witches, nor do we believe in the death penalty for women who suffer miscarriages. Your comment is nonsensical, totally misleading and full of falsehoods.

      We do believe in the death penalty for murder, where there is no doubt about the guilt of the accused, such as in the case of the murder of Lee Rigby. His killers were caught in the act, and they deserve the death penalty.

  2. Yes, and I stand by every word! your disgusting and inhuman inference that Sarah and her husband are ‘guilty’ of anything at all shows just how low you people are able to sink, how deeply uncompassionate you are and how you lack even the most basic shred of understanding of how THEY felt. You sicken me and you should sicken any decent right-minded people. You stop at nothing do you!!!

    • Yuri, I do not tolerate the White’s style of nastiness. They have waded into something that is none of their business. How dare they tell one woman what she should have done with her deformed and dying baby……………………………

      And my name is NOT Susie Wilcox. That is my email address, NOT MY NAME! if it was I would be suing the Whites for breach of data protection as they are only allowed to publish the name I give on the comments form…S.W.

      Wipe the egg off your faces Susan and Francis.

      • Madam, We have edited your comment because, quite frankly, we don’t know what you are talking about, so will you kindly point us to the post on our blog in which we supposedly wrote about the matter you mentioned in your comment.

        You stated in your comment above that “They have waded into something that is none of their business.” We are Evangelical Christians and it is our duty to be salt and light in this society. We believe that abortion is wrong and sinful and that it not only destroys unborn babies, but, it harms women. We wrote a post some time ago about a woman who was carrying twins. She had an abortion which she soon regretted. She later committed suicide.

        We have every right to speak out against abortion and other social ills such as euthanasia etc.

    • James, we will not approve any of your comments UNTIL you retract your wicked lie about the gas explosion at the strip club when you stated that Mrs. White “praised her imaginary god for sacrificing the lives of fireman to destroy a strip club” (spelling uncorrected).

      No. 1: No one was killed.
      No. 2: We did not rejoice about any injuries.

  3. S.W said “should” not that “she would” – therefore it is a wish not a threat (you Mrs White need to put your paranoia away). As such it is no different to all the biblical exhortations to kill people by stoning except that they are commands to believers (like you) to obey under pain of death. After all you get killed for not obeying your god. So unlike your bible she expresses a wish not a command to people of your ilk to follow – a call to action if you will – which you in your blog promote..

    The difference is really that you promote incitement to hatred and violence whereas S.W merely expresses an abstract wish.

    I don’t expect you to understand the difference.

    And before you get on your high horse (if you are ever off it) about accusing you of promoting hatred and violence your bible is an incitement to hatred and violence and you promote your bible.

  4. My own name is NOT ‘Susie Wilcox’.

    You are NOT permitted to publish partial or full email addresses on wordpress blogs, as you have done so here I shall be forwarding a complaint to wordpress as a breach of data protection. You both know you are not permitted to publish email addresses.

    It is never safe to assume anything Mr and Mrs White.

    • Your e-mail address mentions a “susiewilcox” and, to comment, you use the initials “SW,” therefore we are addressing you by the name/initials you comment under.

      Regarding your decision to forward a complaint about us and our blog to WordPress, go right ahead, but know this, we could report you to the Police for incitement to hatred and violence against us.

  5. Sure, no problem. Now post it. I’ll also have some bible verses for you to publicly denounce when I get around to it.

    How much money will you make from Susie? Thats the whole point of this isnt it? Westboro baptist would be proud!

    • We have posted your previous comment and will reply to it shortly. What do you mean by the question, “How much money will you make from Susie?”
      We notice you refer to her as “Susie.” Very interesting, in light of the fact that the individual concerned has stated that, “My own name is NOT “Susie Wilcox.”

      Regarding Westboro Baptist Church, we have been considering writing a post about them and we can assure you that, if we do, it will not be to commend them, but rather, to condemn them.

      • I dont know who she is, I used that name because I saw it. The whole point of this crusade of yours is to goad people into antagonizing you so you can sue them. The Westboro baptists do exactly the same thing. Your politics lead to and support violence and you would like nothing better than to absolve murderers of women and homosexuals under reinstated gay panic laws and stricter anti abortion laws.

        A foetus is NOT a baby. Saying otherwise is factually incorrect. Your “beliefs” are psychotic fantasies you wish to use to bully intimidate censor and humiliate others with. Evangelical/fundamentalist Christianity has a sad and sick history and some of us have read all about it and intend to fight it to the end.

        Your “beliefs” are wrong and you know it and your fantasy about being persecuted in court is a way of obfuscating this painful truth. You might try praying for healing but it doesnt work so you go to the doctor. You might be able to scare and silence people into pretending scientific progress hasnt rendered your rubbish obsolete but not for much longer.

        The truth is not kind to the vanity of the ignorant!

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