10 thoughts on “Atheists who innately know that Abortion is wrong

  1. Why would it surprise you that Atheists do not all have the same opinion on abortion. Atheism is about not believing in any gods – it has nothing to do with abortion.

    BTW you say
    “Atheists who innately know that Abortion is wrong”

    Are you suggesting that there is a pro or anti abortion gene – can you supply any evidence to support your assertion that for some people being against abortion is innate.

    • We all have a God-given conscience, although some people weaken their conscience by ignoring it and suppressing the truth. Those who describe themselves as atheists also have a conscience. If we violate our conscience, we feel guilty (or should feel guilty,) and, obviously, some atheists just “know” in their innermost being that abortion is wrong, it is the deliberate destruction of a little human being.

      We were surprised to discover that some atheists are against abortion because they deny the existence of God and His laws, and one of His laws is ,”Thou shalt not kill.” So it is encouraging to know that some atheists, at least, believe that it is wrong to kill.

      • We do not have a god given conscience any more than we get Santa given Satsumas. We have a conscience because of our hereditary characteristics, our early upbringing, our experiences, our environment and a whole mix of non-supernatural things.It is therefore no surprise that people have different opinions on a whole range of moral and ethical issues. The critical thing here is that there is nothing inherent in not believing in a god which would colour ones opinion on the rights or wrongs of a woman’s right to choose. Quite the reverse in fact as not believing in superstition actually allows you to make decisions based on your own conscience – not someone else’s commands. It is what is meant by freedom of conscience.

        Just because atheists know that your god is false and so his laws are baseless does not mean that they, like everyone else, cannot make moral and ethical choices based on their own conscience. Prohibitions on killing are not unique to people subject to your particular sects commandments. It is only arrogance and a complete ignorance of human psychology which would make someone believe that it is only possible to make a particular decision on one’s personal view of abortion based on fear of punishment from a mythical superbeing.

        It is however encouraging that you seem to have discovered that your god is not the only way by which people can reach the same decision as you. It might put you on a path which actually sees that people can make all sorts of decisions based on their own conscience which would be viewed, even by you, as positive. In fact you are beginning to see that your god and beliefs are not actually necessary to make moral and ethical choices (some of which would align with yours and some not). You might actually come to realise that someone could come to the same moral and ethical views as you without any external pressure and could be as “good” as you without god. Good of course is a subjective view as I would certainly not view you as good in a moral and ethical sense, not so much because of your personal moral choices but because of the way you attack people who’s views differ – but that is a separate issue,

        • Your style of writing and turn of phrase is very similar to a commenter called “golfie.” Be that as it may, your long comment contains opinions we have heard before and they do not get any better with repetition.

          Whilst we are encouraged that some who call themselves “atheists” are opposed to abortion, we believe that atheism in general, has brainwashed many into thinking that human life is not sacred but rather, that human beings are expendable. We only have to think of the country of Albania, whose leader arrogantly stated that, “Albania declares there is no God.” History tells us what life was like for those people living in Albania during the terrifying reign of atheist/Communist Enver Hoxha.

          • There is nothing in Atheism which has anything to say on the “sacredness” or expendability of human life. Atheism is about a non belief in gods. You must be confusing it with something else. The fact that a communist dictator did not believe in god does not mean he was a dictator because he did not believe in god. He was a dictator because he was a dictator. Hitler espoused a belief in christianity but I do not think he was a dictator because he was a christian.

          • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was asked to account for the great tragedies that occurred under the brutal Communist regime he and his fellow citizens suffered under.
            To sum up his response, he repeated an explanation a number of old people offered to explain the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million people, “Men have forgotten God, that’s why all this has happened.”

            The Barna group found that atheists and agnostics in America were more likely, than theists in America, to look upon the following behaviours as morally acceptable,
            Illegal drug use
            Excessive drinking
            Sexual relationships outside marriage
            Cohabiting with someone of opposite sex outside of marriage
            Obscene language
            Obscene sexual behaviour
            Engaging in homosexuality/bisexuality

            The notorious Marquis de Sade (atheist,) advocated induced abortion

            Finally, Hitler was not a Christian. He and his fellow Nazis were National Socialists.

  2. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn”s quote is his opinion – it is evidence of nothing.

    All your long list shows is that some chrisrians believe normal everyday things are against their morals – nothing new or startling there. I view many of the things on the list as moral (or not having a moral component) and I am as entitled to you to have an opinion on it. There is nothing wrong with having a different moral view – it is what makes things interesting and creates variety and diversity in the world.

    The Marquis de Sade does not represent Atheists but if you want to go down that route would you like me to point you to all the christian leaders who advocated torture, devised hideous executions and punishments and whose sadism would put the Marquis in the same category the nicest man on earth. Would that show that all christians should be viewed in the same light as the sadists of the inquisition. It is another fallacious argument.

    As to Hitler not being a christian – that is your opinion not his. I assume you mean he is not your sort of christian or the not true christian fallacy again.

      • Don’t be so touchy.

        I was making exactly that point – just because some christians are sadists does not mean they all are just as because one atheist was a sadist you cannot then tar all atheists with the same brush. Marquis de Sade was a sadist because he was a sadist not because he was an atheist.

        Although the christian sadists under discussion used their beliefs to justify their sadism – whether they were sadists who also happened to be christian or sadist because they believe that was what their god wanted is an interesting question.

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