Flee pornography as one would flee from the Black Death!

Pornography is dangerous and destructive, a deadly evil in all its forms i.e newspapers, magazines, video, internet etc.,  and irrespective of the label given to it e.g so-called “soft” or “hard-core” porn.

The mass murderer Ted Bundy, who was executed for his appalling crimes, spoke of the effect of pornography on him and how it fuelled his murderous fantasies.  This does not mean that everyone who views pornography will commit murder, nevertheless, it does reveal the dangers of viewing disgusting, violent images. It is possible that some who view pornographic materials could reach a point where viewing is not enough, and such individuals could live in our/your town or our/your street.

However, even if viewing porn never turned anyone into a Ted Bundy, it is still destructive and deadly. Click on the following link to read about the psychological dangers of viewing porn.


As Evangelical Christians, we believe that porn is not only dangerous psychologically, but spiritually and morally  also.
Some years ago, we organised a petition against a vile pornographic newspaper.
Later, that paper went into administration i.e it had financial problems and it went out of business. Sadly, it came back with a different title. So we had a partial victory only.

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