See what homosexual “marriage” did to Massachusetts

Watch the following video from MassResistance to see what homosexual marriage has done to Massachusetts, then ponder the chilling words of the militant “gay” lobby in that State who said that “Marriage Equality is Just the Beginning.”

4 thoughts on “See what homosexual “marriage” did to Massachusetts

  1. Could only stick the first 6 minutes of the turgid performance but looks like things are going well in Mass. They seem to be standing up well to the people who stood against women’s rights, slavery, interracial marriage and just about every other human rights disgrace.

    Thanks for the video – shows the progress humans have made against their made up gods.

  2. Yes, the Whites have cannily chosen a video with disabled comments so people cannot rightly condemn this unchristian, ungodly and bigoted nonsense. Otherwise I would have posted a comment on this youtube clip directly relevent to Francis and Susan for all to see. Maybe I will find a way around it and be able to do so…..

  3. From Scott Lively’s “The Pink Swastika”:

    Robert Hazelwood, a well-respected former agent of the FBI’s Behavioral Science unit, offered the following insights:

    With reference to your question about homosexual killings, I will provide you with what I have learned in more than 34 years of professional law enforcement experience, countless training and educational programs provided by the forensic communities (pathologists, mental health, legal) and law enforcement, as well as my own experience in having consulted on more than 4,000 homicide cases (cases involving from 1-30 victims) including over 300 homicides involving homosexual males. When a deceased male is found nude or partially clothed and the murder involves “overkill” (i.e., much more violence than necessary to kill) and/or multiple stab wounds to the heart or throat and/or mutilation of the genitals then the investigator begins with the supposition that the crime is a homosexual-related murder. From my own experience, I can assure you that this assumption is proven true in at least 95% of the cases (Private letter, July 12, 1999).

  4. Homosexuals are such wonderful people that God rained fire on them from heaven. That is how wonderful they are.

    Aside from Massachusetts, we do have a history of a recent civilization that was homosexual: Nazi Germany.

    At the close of WW II, an orthodox Jewish man, Samuel Igra, wrote a book called “Germany’s National Vice”. Mr. Lively has expanded on that thesis, in the above link. Homosexuality is linked to sexual sadism. Hence the cruelties of the Nazis are readily explained by their homosexual proclivities. The SA leader, Ernst Rohm, said “straight people don’t have the requisite violent steak in them too make good storm troopers”.

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