A staggering thought – nearly 300 “drunk” children staggering into UK A&E units

Nearly 300 children aged 11 or under, were admitted to A&E units across the UK last year. They were admitted because they drank too much!

Children, drinking “too much?!”   They shouldn’t be drinking at all.

Over the last 5 years, A&E departments across the UK have dealt with nearly 48,000 incidents where under-18’s have been admitted for drink or drug-related illnesses.
During 2012/2013, there were 293 cases of children aged 11 or under attending A&E with alcohol-related conditions – a third more than in 2011/12 when there were 216 cases.

The responsibility for these disgraceful statistics rests with some parents, drinks adverts, an alcohol-saturated culture, the media, and the money-making peddlers in human misery in the alcohol industry, to name a few of those who have contributed to this appalling state of affairs where we read of “drunk” 11 year olds.

The old song, “Show me the way to go home,” comes to mind, as we think of the tragi-comic sight of intoxicated children staggering into A&E.  This is their song and they can “entertain” the medical staff with a tipsy rendition)

“Show me the way to go home (because I can’t remember where I live,)
I’m tired and I want to go to bed (I’m only 11 after all)
I had a little drink about an hour ago ( at least I think it was a little drink)
And it’s gone right to my head ( and I feel sooo  woozy)

(We have added words in brackets for effect)

This is a hard-hitting post, and deliberately so, because we are outraged at the thought of intoxicated children.

However, until this society stops seeking after mind-altering drugs and stops talking about “drinking responsibly”, instead of total abstinence, and until Police powers are used against those who give or sell alcohol to children, they will continue to be the casualties, as they seek to emulate the “grown-ups.”


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