Introducing a safe political party of particular interest to Evangelical Christians

It has come to our attention that the formation of a new political party, which will be of particular interest to Evangelical Christians, is a distinct possibility.

If any of our readers are interested in finding out more, please contact us privately, by e-mail.

PS   The title of our post contains a cryptic clue about the proposed Party.

5 thoughts on “Introducing a safe political party of particular interest to Evangelical Christians

    • You informed us that you were finished with our blog, yet you continue to post comments. We note that you have not revealed your identity, though requested to do so by another commenter.Perhaps you haven’t had time as you’ve been too busy promoting UKIP? By the way, who is meant by “we” as in your comment, “We await with interest.” Why are you interested in another political party when you are already a member of one, possibly two, other parties?

  1. I reserve the liberty to comment on this as a great disservice has been done by mis-information
    displayed herein. My name does not matter nor am I ashamed of it yet some are humble enough
    to keep their name out of the Media including Radio Ulster’s NOLAN show continually. For te record I am only in one political party UKIP and I sincerely believe that it is the best of a bad bunch and
    certainly Christians are able to speak their mind and display the truth at the Party conference as I did recently.

    • Your name DOES matter, and it is time you used it and stopped hiding behind “Antrim Reformer.” Are we to understand that you (as Antrim Reformer) have phoned the Nolan show continually (that in itself is news to us,) but were “humble enough” to keep your name out of the media. So, the implication is that if one uses one’s own name, one is arrogant? This is hilarious!

      Were you ever associated with the Scottish Christian Party, and, did you ever attend one of their conferences?

      Now, Mr.Raymond ….. you have, yet again, made false accusations against us, stating that we are displaying “misinformation” on our blog. Previously, you accused us of making “scurrilous remarks,” about UKIP. You now are duty bound to state where the “scurrilous remarks” and “misinformation” is to be found on our blog. In particular, we require that you address the facts we stated about UKIP to you in a comment on this blog, dated, 23/9/13 at 2.34pm, in reply to Antrim Reformer.

    • Your comment which you sent to us today, will not be moderated UNTIL you answer the questions you are ignoring i.e who is Antrim Reformer, and, the facts about UKIP which we revealed and which you refuse to address (those are your starter questions.)

      Regarding today’s comment, it is you who has launched a personal attack, accusing this blog of providing misinformation and of making “scurillous remarks, which you have neither proved nor withdrawn.

      We also note with alarm your interest in the possibility of a new political party as you commented thus about it with these words, “We await with interest.”
      What do you “await with interest,” and who do you mean by the word “we” as in “We await with interest.”

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