The Belgian doctor whose injections are LETHAL!

On Monday of this week, a Belgian cancer specialist, Wim Distelmans, ended the life of Nancy(Nathan) Verhelst, aged 44, by lethal injection.
In other words, the doctor killed his patient. The deceased was born female but was rejected by her parents as a daughter. She was an unwanted child. Nancy said, “I was the girl that nobody wanted.”
Perhaps because her parents rejected her and preferred her brothers, Nancy embarked on a horrific course of action, a “sex change” and, to that end, she dispensed with the name “Nancy” and chose to be known as “Nathan” instead.
She had hormone therapy in 2009, followed by mutilating surgery in 2012 (one of the surgical procedures was botched.) The mutilation of her body and its abnormal appearance made her feel like a “monster” and she suffered intense psychological pain, which led to her requesting euthanasia to put an end to her torment.

Dr.Death (Wim Distelmans,) was obliging, and experienced in the use of lethal medical practices as he had euthanized (killed) twins Marc and Eddy Verbessem (aged 45) in December last year (google their case for further info.)

The mother of tragic, unloved and unwanted Nancy, who is unnamed as yet, and who, along with her wretched husband (whether he’s alive or dead,) bears a great deal of responsibility and shame for the heartbreaking life of their daughter and for pushing her in the direction of “gender-realignment” madness by saying “if only you had been a boy,” to Nancy, has commented on the death of her daughter with these words,
“When I saw “Nancy” for the first time, my dream was shattered. She was so ugly. I had a phantom birth. Her death does not bother me. I feel no sorrow, no doubt or remorse. We never had a bond.”

We, the writers of this blog would like to say to this disgusting woman, ” Mrs unnamed as yet, you are a wicked, callous, evil woman and you bear the brunt of the responsibility for your daughter concluding that death was the only solution to her torment.”

In conclusion, we leave our readers to ponder these chilling statistics about euthanasia in Belgium.

Belgium legalised voluntary euthanasia for over-18’s in 2002
There were 1,432 recorded cases of euthanasia in Belgium in 2012, a 25% increase on the previous year’s figure
Euthanasia deaths in Belgium represented 2% of all deaths
There were 52 cases of euthanasia on psychological grounds last year ( see BBC News Europe)





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