The Nairobi Mall Massacre

The Islamist terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, has claimed responsibility for the September 21st attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya.
Al-Shabaab is designated as a terrorist group by Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, UK and USA.

Click on the following link to see a video which clearly shows the link between Islamic teachings and the terrorist attack,

Then, to view photos of the aftermath of the attack on the Mall, click on,

13 thoughts on “The Nairobi Mall Massacre

  1. So, any suggestions? Pretend that all muslims support the violent extremism of a minority, and then what?

    Applying that logic would very obviously end with muslims deciding that we westerners are all fanatical intolerant infidels. They would then feel justified in supporting violent extremists as their only means of defence since we would be refusing to allow them to integrate. Back to square one, but I bet you’d get to feel really really smug reminding everyone how your version of an old middle eastern religion really is more than fiction, not like that other one the brown skinned people like. Maybe you should take a trip to Palestine and see if you can’t convert the heathens to the true faith?

    When it comes to islam, the sanest strategy is the one we already pursue, to permit and encourage reasonable and moderate expressions of islam while collaborating with the liberal elements to excise the extremists. Of course, this strategy is perpetually sabotaged by dim witted lunatics such as yourself too stupid to do anything but make the situation worse. You like to do so with zero sense of irony considering how closely your far right christian fundamentalism mirrors the society demanded by islamic suicide bombers and the mullahs and imams who brainwash them.

    Co existence is extremely difficult, and you being a christian fundamentalist fantasist might turn to the teachings of christ who spent his time promoting it. It’s something that grown ups have to do in order to minimize violence and keep a multicultural society functioning. That’s that thing that your favourite fairytale called the ‘tower of babel’; only we found that it makes us all rich and stops us from being isolated inbred bumpkins tending the fields until the harvest fails and the hungry folk from yonder hill come with their pitchforks.

    Do you really think your blog is enlightening any of the Northern Irish people who read it to the problems of islam? Or that it makes your own faith look any better to all but the historically illiterate? I know educating children is not something you’re in favour of but between the R.E. lessons some of us did manage to pick up a few vague terms like “crusades” and “witch burnings”.

    But of course, all that is just history. That thing that always makes christians look like the only moral and sensible group on the planet. And you are obviously totally opposed to any kind of shariah law or regressive muslim theocracy. Therefore you might want to thank the enlightenment liberals and the many more intelligent minds than yourself that got us out of our own dark age.

    Considering your first post which praised of the death of innocent firefighters and bystanders in a fire at a strip club, you just might have something in common with Al Qaeda after all! They also like to praise the death of innocent people to satiate the vanity and rage of an imaginary deity.

    Thankfully, in our society, democracy and secularism has vanquished the such people to the fringes. Could THAT be the reason this blog is read by no more than a handful of people??? I know you won’t believe me but we did it without ANY input from Satan at all! Just shows what you can do if you’re not too scared to trust your own sense of reason and don’t defer it all to the magical man who lives in the sky!

    In case you’re interested in what will actually end the violence of islamic extremists, it will probably go on until Africa has completely modernised and all the mineral and oil resources in the middle east are extracted. Even then, the geo political power struggle between America, Russia and China is going to lead to more chaos, failed states and insurgencies. If one power becomes dominant in the region then it’s probable that they’d bring some sort of stability. But history tells us that the muslim world goes through periods like this and then periods of relative calm.

    So eventually, it will end. It will decline as Africa and poorer regions of the Middle East install new energy infrastructures, improve their education and prosper with the business those things bring. It will be materialism and secularisation that ends it, not any of the truisms about sowing your oats that your bible helped us out with a few centuries ago.

    And the same kind of violence and stupidity is ending in Northern Ireland. We’ll end the reign of the churches who deliberately impede mixed education. We’ll marginalise, ridicule and vote out the pompous religious psychotics in the DUP and Unionist parties. We’ll watch very carefully for the moment your vitriol spills over into criminalized hate speech (I know you can’t resist). We’ll build an inclusive, commercial and international culture which isn’t an archaic embarrassment run by bible thumping hicks and smug bullying terrorists. We’ll turn Northern Ireland into a place that the rest of the world isn’t too afraid to come and do business in. And all the King James you can print won’t convince anyone to not ignore your megaphone rants as they pass by in the street.

    And you and your placard waving friends will be shooed away to your musty old churches and neatly fenced in for your quaint little counter protests. The muslims can have their mosques and will come in time to backtrack and explain away the old timey nonsense just as sane christians do today. Perhaps in the end you’ll have something in common with unrepentant muslims and you can both bleat about what a persecuted little minority you are and how unfair it is that all the groups you hate don’t feel threatened by tales of fire and brimstone from your funny old books.

    It will take many years and we’ll have to contend with the threat of people like you who’d plunge the country back into violence for the sake of your own petty bigotries, but we’ll do it. I can assure you that you and your soon to be extinct ilk are promoting beliefs so old and out dated that they either baffle, bemuse or disgust almost everyone you harass with them. It will be a triumph and a relief when we catch up with the rest of the world. Your perpetually outraged blog histrionics are a great reminder of how unstoppable that process is becoming. It’s comforting that you feel so under siege because it confirms we’re doing the right thing.

    So thanks for the blog which so eloquently reminds us of everything worth fighting against and just how f…… stupid the enemy really is.

    • Mr.Wray (assuming that is your name,)you must have had little else to do today other than malign us. Why do you spend so much time commenting on a blog you find “hateful” and “nonsensical?”

      What is your problem with our post? Did you not know that the Massacre at the Mall was carried out by Islamic terrorists? Have you not heard news reports about the horror? Does our post differ from news reports you have heard? We think not?

      Did you view Dr.David Wood’s video, and, did you view the pictures of the aftermath of the attack on the Mall? If not, we suggest you do, you might become better informed about Islam.

      Is it possible for you to refrain from using bad language, or is your vocabulary so limited that you feel the need to use the occasional expletive?

      We have never used a megaphone, so you are obviously referring to others.

      May we enquire as to the methods you and your ilk propose employing to bring about our extinction? We would appreciate knowing how you intend to rid the earth of us!

      Who are the “pompous religious psychotics” in the DUP and Unionist parties? Enlighten us please, because,with the exception of a few (very few,)and mainly in the DUP, we can’t think of any who are standing firm on Biblical convictions, and even those few who are standing (sometimes shakily,) for Biblical morality (in the DUP) have compromised in other areas such as power-sharing with “former” terrorists and terror apologists.

    • I couldn’t get past the first line of this comment: “So, any suggestions? Pretend that all muslims support the violent extremism of a minority, and then what?”

      Why is it that whenever someone points out what Islam teaches (by quoting the Qur’an), someone says, “How can you say that ALL MUSLIMS do that???”

      FACT: Islam commands Muslims to pray five times per day. Does this mean that all Muslims pray five times per day? No. It simply means that Islam commands it, whether Muslims do it or not.

      FACT: Islam commands Muslims to fight unbelievers (Qur’an 9:29; 9:73; 9:123; etc.). Does this mean that all Muslims fight unbelievers? No. It just means that Islam commands it.

      Critics of Islam should be encouraged by the fact that Islam’s Western defenders are so utterly illogical. When one side of the discussion is forced to deliberately misinterpret simple claims, chances are they’re defending the wrong site.

    • Mr.Wray,

      You have told lies in your comment, and those who tell lies are called “liars.”

      Here is a quote from your comment, “Considering your first post which praised the death of innocent firefighters and bystanders in a fire at a strip club…” (end of quote)

      For your information, the post about the destruction of the strip club was not our first post. It was posted in November, 2012, and we commenced our blog in June, 2012. So you are WRONG about that, Mr.Wray.

      There were NO deaths in the explosion at that club, so you are WRONG again. You really need to read posts properly before you make any comment, and that is stating the obvious.

  2. My name is Nicholas Wray.

    Your extinction is occurring naturally as the primitive ideas you espouse lose credibility. Already the biblical literalist account has been definitively proved as nonsense due to centuries of scientific evidence. This evidence is empirical and relies on rigorous testing which can be easily repeated by anyone who actually cares about the truth. As research into the workings of the brain becomes more advanced we will soon understand exactly how it works and thus religious explanations will become regarded by the majority as quaint fantasies. It is already obvious that these fantasies rely on psychotic projections of man into an omnipotent deity who created the universe. This is nothing more than a story devised by our own ignorance and anthropomorphization of what are now well understood natural phenomena.

    It might interest you to know that we already have research showing that the brains of religious fundamentalists are most similar to the brains of severe drug addicts. There is a reason you are met with so much repulsion, and that is because you are offensive to all rational people.

    We have the true explanations for the evolution of humanity, the processes by which the universe came into existence and a myriad of explanations for the workings of our world. There is no room for religion in this, christian, islamic or otherwise.

    The fact that this knowledge disenchants us of past vanities and infantile fantasies that is encouraging.

    Over time your religion will be forgotten. It’s credibility is already zero in the minds of anyone lucky enough to receive an honest education free from your dogma. The same situation applies to people in the Middle East who are bullied and often murdered by theocrats who need a climate of fear, ignorance and fundamentalism to maintain their power. They espouse exactly the same type of vicious, myopic and fear based authoritarian monotheism that you do. They despise feminists, liberals and anyone who refuses to believe in their religion, which is a pathetic cover story for their greed and self serving authority. If you had been born in the Middle East, you would be cheerleading them and ranting about the violence of infidel imperialists.

    Since we live in a democracy you are entitled to freedom of opinion and the expression of your views. The more you express your views the more ridiculous they become. I will never deny you your right to express your views but I will respond to them and ridicule them for their stupidity, intolerance and insipidness. They need to be challenged and ridiculed and any influence they might have on the political process and cultural life needs to be ended. However, my own personal biases aside, all I am doing is siding with the future. It’s clear that the patience people have to tolerate your views is running out.

    If you have considered the morality contained in the bible and do not find much of it hideous and deranged then I feel pity for you.

    And please don’t patronise me with the suggestion that I was not aware of who the Nairobi terrorists were or the ideology of Islamic Fundamentalism and the practice of religious terrorism.

    • Interesting. Nicholas Wray is all too happy to condemn Christianity, the Bible, Christians, etc. But as soon as someone points out that the Qur’an commands Muslims to violently subjugate non-Muslims, it’s Nicholas Wray to the rescue, ready to defend Islam from criticism! How original: A Westerner who hates Christianity with a passion and wants to see it annihilated, and is all too happy to see Islam play a role in it’s destruction!

  3. Religious fundamentalists like the Whites and their brethren burned innocent women and girls at the stake for being ‘witches’ at one time. They are no different to the muslim extremists they rail against. Same mindset.

    • The Nairobi Mall massacre has nothing to do with the burning of “witches,” it has everything to do with Islam. However,as you have brought up the subject of the burning of “witches,” which is not germane to our post about the massacre at the Mall, we wish to make it clear that we roundly condemn the Salem hangings of so-called “witches,” and the burning at the stake of those so accused in England, at the behest of terrifying figures like Matthew Hopkins.
      In the New Testament, the Lord Jesus Christ cast the devil and demons out of people who were demon-possessed, He did not advocate that they be burned at the stake. He showed mercy and compassion. He is all-powerful and He only had to speak the words, “come out of him,” and the devil obeyed His voice. A hymn puts it like this, “At the name of Jesus, devils fear and fly.”
      Many Bible-believers were burned at the stake because of their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Roman Catholic church was chief in such horror. Now, Miss/Mrs.Wilcox, do you care to comment on our post about the shopping mall massacre after you have taken us down the non-germane road of “witch-burnings?”

    • S.W. says: “Religious fundamentalists like the Whites and their brethren burned innocent women and girls at the stake for being ‘witches’ at one time. They are no different to the muslim extremists they rail against. Same mindset.”

      So Islam commands Muslims to violently subjugate and terrorize non-Muslims, but instead of discussing what we should do about it, let’s talk about the burning of witches centuries ago! That makes sense.

  4. Mrs. White would have been burning witches with pride and her politics are still used today in parts of the world to murder people. The Narobi terrorists use the same logic as Mrs. White – nothing exists but what god created therefore anything that defies its description in her preferred religous text is evil and must repent or be destroyed to preserve the nothingness from which god created it. She imagines a supernatural entity called Yahweh is in charge, the muslin term for it is Allah but its the same monster from the same middle eastern texts. She does not even accept the independent existence of anything or anyone and imagines her futile hysterics can intimidate people into fearing the supernatural power of an old book. She thinks everyone must answer to her personal interpretation of a religious text which isn’t even one shared by most christians. Her faith is closer to an aggressive fusion of paganism and satanism. She sees signs of magic in video and audio synchronization errors and praises her imaginary god for sacrificing the lives of fireman to destroy a strip club. Its kind of like a bad writer trying to cram everything in the world into the plot of one of his unfinishable novels. Everyone who disproves the supernatural authority of her preferred text through their science or the fact of evolution or sexuality or race is evil and she finds it intolerable that they ignore her.

    Anyone who seriously thinks demons are real should be prohibited from entering certain professions and viewed as a pitiable fantastist. I hope you stay well Mrs. White because you sound very troubled at times.

    • Sir, you are guilty of lying. You stated in your comment these words, “…..and praises her imaginary god for sacrificing the lives of fireman to destroy a strip club.” (end of quote, printed ad verbatim)

      If you would read our post about the destruction of the strip club, which you cannot have done, because you have misrepresented what was written, you will see that no-one was killed in the explosion, although the building was destroyed. You will also see that we did not gloat over the injured, far from it. We saw the mercy of God in that no lives were lost when there could have been fatalities. God WAS severe in his dealings with the actual building. In future, Sir, get your facts right before you say anything.

  5. Conversation summary:

    BLOG: “Here’s what the Qur’an says.”

    NICHOLAS: “How can you say that all Muslims are terrorists? You just want to kill all Muslims!”

    BLOG: “Who said anything about all Muslims?”

    NICHOLAS: “I hate Christianity and all Christians! Christianity will die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! I’m the rational liberal who hates Christians but loves Islam!”

    DAVID: “LOL.”

  6. Oh look, The Whites have drafted someone to defend their narrowminded rantings with his own narrowminded rantings. How original. Another Islamaphobe with a dodgy website and not a thought to call his own…

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