Meet the “Chrislamist” Pastor of “Headstrong” oops “Heartsong” church who should be “heartsore!”

In 2009, a Pastor in Memphis, Tennessee, welcomed Muslims, with open arms and open doors into his church building, to celebrate Ramadan, as their own “cultural” centre was under construction.

He had already welcomed Muslims to his area by erecting a sign which read,

“Heartsong Church welcomes Memphis Islamic Center to the neighbourhood”

We think the Church sign is deficient in details and facts, so we will provide some that the church left out, or forgot, or never knew in the first place,

facts such as the Islamic practice of halal slaughter (cruel and barbaric,)
facts such as the horrific practice of female genital mutilation,
facts such as “honour” killings (especially brutal and savage)
facts such as beheadings of those who leave Islam i.e become Christians
facts such as holy war (jihad) against the West (including America,)

This is the reality of the religion that Pastor Steve Stone welcomed to his neighbourhood and church.

This “Pastor” (or wolf in sheep’s clothing,) who, by his actions, has lost 20 members of his congregation, who felt he was blending Christianity and Islam.

Of them, he said, “we’re kind of glad they left, because we didn’t want them going out into the community and saying, ” we have these hateful feelings and we go to Heartsong Church.”

We commend these 20 people. They showed that they still had some discernment and sense, which is more than can be said of Steve Stone, who shows by his actions that he has lost both, (assuming he ever possessed them.)

The “Pastor” has continued in his downward spiral by having further joint endeavours with those friendly Muslims, such as Thanksgiving dinners and, believe it or not, a joint blood drive!
Click on the following link to read an article and listen to a radio interview about the Pastor and his church.

2 thoughts on “Meet the “Chrislamist” Pastor of “Headstrong” oops “Heartsong” church who should be “heartsore!”

  1. Yeah, its far better that no one gets any blood than having muslims and christians try to get along. I’m sure if we just keep accusing all muslims of supporting what the extremists do, all our problems will go away and we’ll be able to peacefully co exist.

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