Correction of post about LGBTQ in UKIP

It is necessary for us to correct a mistake in our previous post about the LGBTQ group in UKIP.

It was our understanding that the founder of the group, Thomas Booker, was to take part in a fringe event at this year’s UKIP conference in London and that the event would take the form of a debate on homosexual “marriage” and that Mr.Booker would argue in favour of it.

In fact, the event in question was due to take place at last year’s UKIP conference (2012) and not at this year’s conference.

This is the only correction that we need to make to our original post.

We will now provide evidence (in the form of links to websites etc,) to prove that the above-mentioned debate was due to take place, albeit last year AND,

We want our readers to see for themselves the LGBTQ in UKIP Facebook page. Incidentally, they have voted to drop the letter “Q” from their LGBTQ moniker, styling themselves as LGBT in UKIP from now on.

We also want our readers to see the article containing the quote from Thomas Booker in which he states that UKIP, as a Party, are not opposed to homosexual marriage in principle.

We are providing these links reluctantly because homosexual websites are anathema to us, but, because a certain individual has accused us of “blackening” UKIP and not having our facts straight (partly because we mistakenly assumed the fringe debate on “gay marriage” would take place at this year’s conference,) we are compelled to do so.

This individual is well known to us, and we view him with increasing suspicion and alarm. He is a member of UKIP.

Here are the links,       Scroll down article to read about the fringe debate on gay marriage at the 2012 UKIP conference, then, to see the actual facebook page of the LGBTQ in UKIP group, click on the following link.      Then, to read a related article, click on the following link.     Scroll down to read a statement by Thomas Booker on UKIP “accepting” gay marriage Bill

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