A Question for Rob the Journalist ( aka cavasolutions and…)

Do you know the meaning of the word “harassment?”

According to one dictionary definition, it means “to irritate or torment persistently,” and “to wear out, exhaust.”

We wish our readers to know that the above-named Rob the Journalist has sent 19 virtually identical comments to our blog, in addition, he has sent several other comments along the same lines. His comments are on our post about Toys R Us.

He doesn’t agree with our views (naturally,) but is attempting to force us to publish his comment(s) which we deem would be an extremely unwise capitulation on our part because his comments could endanger us and our fellow Christians.

He has behaved in like manner in the past, and had to be rebuked on our blog.

He is still harassing us.

Here are some of the aliases we suspect he has used to comment on our blog,

ms francis white
Ms Rob White

Rob the Journalist
I havn’t gone away you know (his current alias)

We have copied the spelling and punctuation of his aliases precisely, so any misspelling or poor punctuation is his.

Before we conclude, we have a question for Rob the Journalist ( because of a comment he made on our blog yesterday.)
The matter concerns a small Christian witness we engaged in with two others outside a Methodist church in Belfast which was the venue for a pro-homosexual “marriage” event.

We were confronted by a man during our protest, a man we believe to be Rob the Journalist. He did not confront the two Christians who were with us and who unexpectedly left just as Mr.Rob arrived. Very few people knew we were going to protest outside that church on that occasion, perhaps only two or three. So here is our question,

Rob, how did you know we would be protesting outside that church on that evening, and how did you know who we were? You clearly did know, but how did you know?

It is difficult to believe that it was all a coincidence!

4 thoughts on “A Question for Rob the Journalist ( aka cavasolutions and…)

    • So we conclude then that there is an enemy in our midst.

      Mr Rob the Journalist, regarding our post, you state that it is “full of factual inaccuracies…” to which we respond, “name one!”

  1. Everyone who wants to live in a liberal democracy is an enemy of your stupid and insane ideas. They don’t amount to much more than you trying to resurrect a religious psychosis in a time when it’s become an irrelevant and sad reminder of the ignorance of our pre scientific past.

    The most you can do is harangue and annoy people, self aggrandize with aggressive moral righteousness which is all based on fundamentalist fallacies, and tries to take authority from supernatural fantasies about an old book.

    We’ve all suffered the scars of an upbringing surrounded by vicious religious maniacs taking sick pleasure in aggression towards us. The most you can do is traumatize people with the fear that it hasn’t gone away yet. I can assure you that your belief system is dying out and frankly the majority of people will be glad to see it gone.

    You can’t do much else but wave placards around and accuse people of imaginary evil. It does tend to make people feel very uncomfortable (which is what you want). All you can get out of this is a totally false sense of identity and the sad catharthis of riling people up.

    You are at best a kitsch curiosity. But because you remind people of the insane side to human nature they tend to get upset and want to ridicule you. The comments you’ve had so far are pretty mild compared to what would happen if this blog became widely known. You’re not seeking to engage with anyone elses ideas, only impose your own, so it’s going to continue to sound like heads hitting off brick walls.

    You have a pre modern understanding of reality, and don’t even know how the law functions. I can’t politely call your fantasies of persecution anything other than a bit insane. If you were prepared to co exist with others you might not feel so threatened, but since you literally believe we are all puppets if Satan the world must seem very scary.

    You previously mentioned a fantasy of god revealing himself when the dark forces of secularism haul you in front of a court and force you to renounce your ideals. This is not how liberal democracy and secularism and all those other modern things you don’t like work. They don’t try and impose absolutist reason through legality that everyone is forced to submit to. The whole point is to allow everyone their own independent use of reason and only impose censure when the exercise of one persons freedom imposes too much on that of another. It works pretty well and the alternative of some sort of fundie theocracy is better suited to collapsed 3rd world states run by war lords.

    Keep fighting the mad if you think you must, but i’d recommend taking up a different hobby.

    • Don’t forget Nicholas that the Whites delete a lot of the comments they get that do not suit them and their agenda. And much of what they do publish they vandalise by editing them. Which just proves that them and their ilk like to control what people see and read. They are ill-equipped to deal in this forum with what people really think of them. They are cowards.

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