UKIP’s LGBTQ group agitated for “gay” marriage at 2012 Conference fringe event! Note please, the year was 2012, not 2013

In September last year, a LGBTQ in UKIP group was officially permitted by UKIP’s National Executive Committee. The group’s first major event was due to take place at UKIP’s National Conference on 21st-22nd September, 2012, in Birmingham. Thomas Booker, founder-chairman of the LGBTQ group was expected take part in a fringe event debate, arguing the case for “equal” civil marriage.

Much is made of UKIP’s opposition to homosexual marriage (although the Party supports civil partnerships, and the legalising of those “partnerships”  has led to the clamour for same-sex “marriage.)

However, the following quote from the afore-mentioned Mr. Booker will surely raise some eyebrows!

As the Party has not made any statement in the light of the vote for same-sex marriage, it is clear to me that the Party’s policy on same-sex marriage (SSM) was mainly a way to express some of the concerns regarding rulings on religious institutions from the ECHR that it (rightly or wrongly) had and to open up the debate as to whether marriage should be a civil institution. A Party that is opposed wholly in principle to the idea of SSM would have, by now, produced a statement arguing that they would campaign to repeal the newly-assented law, and I am delighted to say that UKIP have done no such thing – it seems that they have accepted that the law has passed, and does not see it fit that such a law should be repealed. This would mean their policy was not created out of a “principle” to deny same sex couples from civil equality, but rather to raise some important questions about legal safeguards and the jurisdiction of Parliament that other Parties were not addressing.” end of quote

Another point worthy of note is that UKIP is not against homosexual adoption per se. Here is a quote from a statement from David Coburn, UKIP Chairman, speaking in November, 2012,

“UKIP is a libertarian party, we are categorically not against gay adoption: what we do have a problem with is that Catholic adoption agencies have been banned for opposing gay adoption.” end of quote

In conclusion, we wish to make it clear that we are not members of UKIP and, in light of the above (and we could have highlighted additional troubling matters,)  we would not advise anyone to join it!

4 thoughts on “UKIP’s LGBTQ group agitated for “gay” marriage at 2012 Conference fringe event! Note please, the year was 2012, not 2013

  1. This is a most disappointing development. UKIP had the potential to salvage political principle from the mess that is Westminster, but now it has succombed to the ‘PC’ brigade and has ‘sold the pass’ as the other parties have done.
    I agree that evangelicals should have nothing to do with such a party, and any who are currently members ought to rescind their membership with immediate effect. The TUV must be exceedingly careful about having closer relationships with a party that is set to undermine further the moral fabric of our nation.

    • Truth WILL prevail, Antrim Reformer, including, the truth about UKIP.

      It is TRUE that there is a LGBT group in UKIP, approved by the NEC of UKIP,

      It is TRUE that a debate on homosexual marriage was organised for the 2012 UKIP conference, at which Mr.Thomas Booker, founder of the LGBT in UKIP group, was to argue the case for homosexual marriage.

      It is TRUE that UKIP supports civil partnerships, and that they are not against gay adoption per se.

      It is TRUE that Thomas Booker believes that UKIP are not against homosexual marriage in principle (see the link to ” The Back Bencher” which we have given with our most recent post about UKIP.)

      Now, Antrim Reformer, it’s make your mind up time, because you are “running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.”

  2. It is most disappointing that AntrimReformer feels unable to give his name in this blog. Is he afraid of something or someone? I do not, as a rule, respond to comments made by faceless people who are not prepared to identfy themselves but prefer rather to hide behind WordPress. Come out into the open and give us your name. Then we can have a debate with a real person. In my experience, the only people who shoot from the shadows and sidelines are terrorists. It would be very interesting to know what UKIP’s policy on terrorism is and what it thinks about NI having terrorists in the government of the land they have tried for four decades – and are still trying – to destroy.

    Further, I do not know of any Reformer from history who, when the battle for the Gospel raged, had to fight from the shadows, do you? The Reformers I know about were men of courage, who put principles before personal gain (or not to incur personal loss), and who stood foursquare for what they believed.

    I think UKIP needs to come right out and tell us what its official policies are vis-a-vis same-sex marriages, abortion-my-GP-suggestion, sodomy, etc. This should clear up any misunderstanding.

    Finally, what is the difference between allegedly ‘scurrilous’ comments and UKIP people who are not prepared to identify themselves? Now, you tell me!

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