Toys R Us and “gender-neutrality” – no more girls’ toys and boys’ toys

The leading toy megastore Toys R Us, has bowed to pressure from a campaign group called “Let Toys be Toys,” and has agreed to provide “gender-neutral” toys and will remove explicit references to gender in their stores.

Why did Toys R Us cave in to pressure from this group of mischief-makers? Why act so cowardly? This group should have been faced down and entirely ignored.

To the sinister Let Toys be Toys group we say, “let boys be boys and let girls be girls!” Leave the nation’s children alone. You are using them to further your feminist/androgynous agenda.

Boys will always want to play with toy tanks, guns and soldiers and girls will always want to play with dolls and prams and toy kitchens.
You desire to masculinise little girls and feminise little boys.

You will not be unopposed!

We hope that many parents and grandparents will take issue with any store that goes down the gender-neutral road, and make a point of asking for toys suitable for girls and vice versa.

To that end, here are the names of other stores that are capitulating to the gender-benders in “Let Toys be Toys,” (or thinking of doing so,)

Asda, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco.

We hope some of our readers share our concerns, because this is no trifling matter.

If so, make your views known to these stores. They won’t know unless you tell them.






8 thoughts on “Toys R Us and “gender-neutrality” – no more girls’ toys and boys’ toys

  1. “Boys will always want to play with toy tanks, guns and soldiers and girls will always want to play with dolls and prams and toy kitchens.”

    I am a grandparent and find your comments uninformed and quite frankly ridiculous. When was the last time you were in this store? I was in one last week and deliberatley chose not to buy the outrageously expensive barbie doll nonsense for our granddaughter. My granddaughter has no interest in dolls or toy kitchens, she is a little girl with a lot of intelligence and imagination. Such typical ‘girls’ toys are rubbish but despite this there are plenty of ‘girls toys’ available. So you are speaking a load of old tripe. On the other hand my brother as a small child loved to play with my dolls and my toy pram and I preferred his trucks and lego, neither of us grew up confused or damaged as you would imply. Get out of whereever you live and breathe the air, you sound isolated and way out of touch with life.

    • Why must you resort to rudeness in your argument? Show some civility, Madam. We think it unlikely that the toys which you shared with your brother were bought for him i.e we don’t think your parents bought dolls for him and trucks for you. You knew that the dolls were yours and the trucks were his, indeed you called them “my dolls” etc and you spoke of “his trucks.”

      We agree with you that some toys are very expensive and we don’t believe that “Barbie” dolls are wholesome nor educational. The history of the Barbie doll (formerly called Lilli in Germany) is dark, and the dolls are usually dressed immodestly. So we are not in favour of Barbie dolls. However, it is right to emphasize the differences between the sexes and gender-specific toys are a means to accomplish that goal, and it is more important today to major on the differences between male and female because there are forces at work who would usher in a unisex society with androgynous-looking people, unless they are stopped.

  2. Since when do boys always want to play with toy guns and tanks? so far as I know you two only have a daughter, what do you know about little boys?
    Mrs White, stick to what you know and that does not include raising little boys.
    Children these days prefer games consoles to toys of the type you write about. So your article is a waste of time, madam. Patricia is correct, you both are very out of touch with today’s youth.

  3. Well Ms White! Hope you keeping well, at least in a physical sense. Your ramblings tell everyone what they need to know about your mental health! I must say, it is rather sad to see your hate filled blog on its death bed. Even your old faithfuls Antrimreformer and Glenn have forsaken you. I will truly mourn this blogs demise. I will have to look elsewhere to find some comedy material.

    Anyway, I better deal with the subject at hand, lest I get rebuked for posting off topic. It is so sad in this society, that has lost many to war and conflict over the years, to find supposed Christians instilling the normalisation of violence, killing and war amongst our society’s your boys. Teaching them that guns and tanks are fun and trivial. Suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised. After all this comes from a group in society, fundamentalist Christians, who teach that it is ok to beat their babies with rubber tubing, as it hurts without leaving tell tale marks!

    On a final note, I actually laughed out loud at the comment ” you will not be unopposed”. I am sure the senior executives of Toys R Us are quaking in their shoes and having sleepless nights at the fearsome thought of having Francie Ann and Susie Lou standing outside the entrance to one of their stores, waving a piece of board with a bible verse on it!

    • Ps. Susie Ann, please do let me know when you are going to picket Toys R Us, I would love to be there. Am thinking of organising a picket of the hate filled views expressed by the Authors of this site – you would be very welcome to attend!

  4. I am left wondering which blog the above critics were reading because I do not see “hate-filled” content anywhere in it but the expression of sincerely held views which happen to be very different from those held by the critics. I think Ron-the-journalist has crossed the line when he questioned Mrs White’s “mental health.” What are your medical credentials for making such a scurrilous statement? Are you a qualified psychiatrist and have you examined Mrs White? If so, when did you examine her and will you make your medical notes available for inspection? I think that if Rob’s identity was discovered, he might be on very shaky legal ground for making such a wrong statement. But people who write in this way usually work from the shadows because they cannot stand over their views.
    It’s a pity that supposedly mature adults cannot engage in reasoned argument and discussion about issues that matter to them and have to resort to offensive and very hurtful language. These are the people who probably molly-cuddle their own children yet treat other adults with utter disrespect. The assumptions made by the critics are wild and indefensible, and until they learn how to engage civilily, they should desist from contributing to any blog.

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