Why aren’t feminists demanding that this accused female is treated like a man

Three people, two men and a woman, were in court today following the grim discovery of a badly beaten man in a wheelie bin earlier this week. The young man was discovered by a man walking his dog, and is now in hospital.

The two accused men were remanded in custody. The accused woman was released on bail. Why was she released, and why have we not heard feminists cry “sexist” and “discrimination on the basis of gender” because she was treated differently than her co-accused.

Surely the equality-mad feminists want her to be treated “just like a man” and, that being so, she should have been remanded in custody.


It is obvious that feminist ideology has influenced almost every strata of society, including the courts, in that women are treated more favourably than men.

This woman should not be out on bail. She should be behind bars awaiting her next day in court. The accused men are tonight behind bars (and rightly so,) but she is out on bail when she should be looking forward to “porridge” for breakfast tomorrow (“doing porridge” is British slang for serving a prison sentence.)

Here is a link to a TV news report of this case. It appears that a drink and drug-fuelled party was going on for some days and that is the backdrop to this terrible case. It is obvious that the people at that party live wretched, depraved lives.



8 thoughts on “Why aren’t feminists demanding that this accused female is treated like a man

  1. She was treated differently because, unlike the other two, she did not have a significant criminal history and that she was able to comply with strict bail conditions.

    Not everything fits your wild feminist assertions – some things are just ordinary decisions based on the individual circumstances of the cases.

    “It is obvious that feminist ideology has influenced almost every strata of society, including the courts, in that women are treated more favourably than men”

    You usually complain that feminists want women treated the same as men, now you say they they want more favourable treatment (like having doors opened for them I suppose).

    Make your mind up !!

    • This is a somewhat confusing comment. When you speak of my “wild feminist assertions,” surely you mean “anti-feminist assertions,” and there is nothing “wild” in what I assert about feminists. My views on feminism and the dangers of its ideology are correct. Feminists want women to be treated more favourably than men and they do not want men to behave in a chivalrous manner towards them e.g opening doors etc. To feminists, chivalry is “sexist” and they assume they have achieved some degree of equality when a man slams a door in their face. You don’t seem to understand feminism and its goals. It is a destructive, man-hating militant movement and the people who are in a position to stop them is other women (me, for example.)

    • Cavasolutions, alias Rob the reporter, you have made your last comment, which has been deleted. No doubt you will try again to trouble our blog with yet another alias, but we know enough about your style of writing to recognise you under whatever alias you choose next. So gloat if you must about our failure to stop “gay” marriage, etc. The battle is not ours, it is God’s, and he will have the final say.

  2. You are obsessed with hating other women Mrs White. What have other women ever done to you personally? you are a fanatic and an unbalanced one at that given your most recent comment.
    Are you at all bothered about women and children being murdered in Syria by chemical warfare because you never mention this? or does the wanton murder of women anywhere not bother you at all…?
    With every article you publish on this blog you become more hateful, more deranged and more spiteful. And yet you claim to be a christian. You never will be a christian in the true sense of the word, you hate too much.

    • Perhaps you could address the points raised in the article, if that is not expecting too much. The accused males were remanded in custody, and rightly so. The female was released on bail, yet she is accused of the same crime. The accused men’s photos were published in the newspapers, again, rightly so, but the woman’s face was not shown. Why? Feminists want women to be treated as men are treated, and, that being so, she should be in custody and her face should have been shown. Feminists can’t have it both ways, they demand “equality” with men, yet they demand that women are treated more favourably than men, for example, in domestic violence cases which resulted in murder, often, killer women have been spared a prison sentence for murdering their husbands whilst men who kill their wives are almost always jailed.

      Murderers should be behind bars, of course, irrespective of gender.

      Regarding Syria, yes, of course we are concerned about the situation there, and the deaths due to chemical warfare. However, it is by no means certain who killed all those people in Syria. It may have been the Assad regime or it may have been the rebels. We don’t understand the Syrian situation. It seems to be Muslim killing Muslim. Islam has killed many women, in so-called “honour” killings, for example, so what do you make of those wanton killings of women (and children.)

      Abortion kills innumerable females and abortion is the wanton destruction of human beings, male and female. Now, have you any response to all this?

  3. No, I choose to challenge you about your comment and attitude just as you do to those who comment. If you are not prepared to justify your comments or be challenged on them you have no business writing on a public platform. You don’t stand by your comments, you have no credibility.

  4. You have singled out this woman because you are obsessed with the issue of feminism, something which had nothing to do with this crime. You have tried to create something out of nothing. An excuse to criticise women and feminism and nothing more.

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