Mormon Temple ceremonies – the truth versus the hype!

The Mormon Church is not a Christian church. It is a secretive, deceptive cult, notwithstanding the blather of some Evangelical Christians who have toned down their criticisms of the LDS church and have instead adopted a “softly-softly” approach to Mormonism.
The LDS church has secret (disregard their euphemistic  word “sacred”) temple ceremonies and enough is known about these ceremonies (from testimonies of former Mormons,) to place the LDS church in the camp of non-Christian religions.

They toned down one of their temple ceremonies (called the Endowment) in 1990, removing the blood-curdling Masonic-like penalties which the ceremony threatened the partaker with, figuratively, not literally, if they divulged what they had experienced. However, as the following video shows, it remains a bizarre, even frightening ceremony.

Watch if you wish to know the truth about the “most sacred of all” temple ceremony for the Mormons. Incidentally, much of the religious “work” undertaken in Mormon temples by Mormons is for the dead. (We wish to make it clear that, whilst this is a most informative video, we do not agree with the depiction of Mitt Romney in it. However, we cannot edit out the offending image.)

The LDS church are very conscious of their public image, and, because they have received negative publicity regarding their temple ceremonies (among other things,) last year, the LDS (Mormon) Church produced a video ostensibly to demystify the ceremonies that take place within their temples.

We have provided a link to the video and it is a carefully packaged, glossy presentation, mostly devoid of truth, and calculated to portray Mormonism in a “gorgeous” light! The LDS leader who guides the viewer through the video is one William Walker, a very clever, softly spoken, and disarmingly shrewd presenter whose whole demeanour is calculated to deceive the unwary.

Click on this link to see the video, and what a chilling subterfuge it is,

3 thoughts on “Mormon Temple ceremonies – the truth versus the hype!

    • Those “missionaries” don’t tell the whole truth, Sir. Their goal is to gain converts and they present Mormonism in a very favourable light, they don’t mention polytheism, nor do they tell the truth about the temple ceremonies etc, nor do they tell potential converts that they (the missionaries) are “gods in embryo.” By the way, in 1977, one of those “missionaries” was killed by a fellow “missionary,” and we don’t think the present-day LDS missionaries are “telling everyone about that!”

  1. Of course not, they’re just as self serving, corrupt and chaotic as any other organized religion – except of course Mrs. Whites own brand of hardline Protestant fundamentalism.

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