Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr. – unmasking a deceiver

The following link is to an article written by Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship in South Africa, and was published on his website.


It is very topical, as yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

The liberal establishment in the USA, led by President Obama, marked the occasion with predictable, extravagant “celebrations.”

7 thoughts on “Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr. – unmasking a deceiver

  1. I think they were celebrating what he achieved, not the moral character of the person himself. What does it matter who he slept with or what political party he was associated with ?

    Are you suggesting that the things which he achieved were wrong or are you just interested in an ad hom attack (something which you yourself castigate others for).

    Do you think that he achieved great things (irrespective of what you think of his moral character or political views) or are you against the things he achieved and set in motion?

    Step up and tell us all.

    • Martin Luther King Jr was morally depraved. He couldn’t keep a solemn promise he made to his wife i.e to forsake all others and be faithful to her. His immorality does matter. Many have used the demand for “civil rights” to gain power, fame and money. It appears that Dr. King was primarily interested in promoting himself and the “cause” of “civil rights” enabled him to live rather well and, to sin with abandon. Having said all that, we are saddened by his terrible death, and the individual who killed him was evil and wicked.

  2. She’s gone far beyond the realm of reasoning I’m afraid. We can comment, but we get ignored and none of our arguments are met with anything other than “the bible says X and is infallible” or “the group you defend from our absolutist judgement committed this particular moral sin and thus your point is invalid”.

    • Do you have any comment to make regarding the article we posted, about Dr.King, written by Peter Hammond? We have links to articles about two others who are/have made names for themselves championing the “civil rights” movement, and one had links to Dr.King. They are none other than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Jackson was immoral ( his son was likewise an adulterer,) and Sharpton was complicit in a case of a false accusation of rape. Sharpton and Jackson are still mischief-making, this time using the Trayvon Martin case to promote themselves. Those two “Pastors” are obviously graduates from the “fleece em” seminary, as they have made a comfortable (very) living from their careers as “race” agitators. We will give the links we mentioned above in a post on our blog to ensure a wider readership.

  3. It’s a mistake to think anybody cares.

    People in the US already know all about Sharpton and Jackson, and there is indeed much criticism of their methods, not only from the right. None of this is particularly new or relevant. If you really believe that you are purifying the messengers of Christ and doing anything for your own archaic brand of fundamentalism apart from confirming its obsolescence, well, have fun.

    • We do not consider Sharpton and Jackson as “messengers of Christ.” Their shenanigans are indeed relevant when they are persecuting a man the courts have found “Not Guilty” (George Zimmerman). They have been down this road before, e.g Sharpton complicit in false accusations against white men, and Jackson’s moral collapse and “race” agitation. Jackson, believe it or not, was once described as the “Conscience of the Nation”!

      As for our “brand of fundamentalism” being obsolete, far from it. We have much to say to this present culture, and we have the intellectual wherewithal to do just that.

  4. Well good luck. You might try listening to an engaging with rather than proselytizing and denouncing with holier than thou posturing. There is little positive in your vision, which is mainly biblical verse and highly dubious fantasies that have been long discredited by science.

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