When obeying God violates the Human Rights Act (New Mexico)

Elane Photography, in New Mexico, is owned by Elaine and Jonathan Huguenins, a Christian couple. They (rightly) refused to photograph a same-sex “commitment” ceremony for two lesbians, and found themselves in Court.

Yesterday’s judgement in the New Mexico Supreme Court, found that they had violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act.

According to one of the Judges, Justice Richard Bosson, the Huguenins are now compelled by law to compromise their religious beliefs. He called such compromise “the price of citizenship!”

Click on the following link to read the Huguenins story.


2 thoughts on “When obeying God violates the Human Rights Act (New Mexico)

  1. It does not say anywhere in the bible that thou shalt not provide photographic services to a lesbian couple. Despite the fact you desperately need persecution to make your religious delusions seem real, you are not being discriminated against. We had this thing called “the enlightenment” a few years ago, although I understand it takes time for news to travel all the way to the countryside. Anyway, it was understood that all men have an independent sense of reason and that the states role is to protect and regulate freedoms of expression and thought in order that they not impinge on anyone else’s rights to their own thought, be it contrarian or not. You can whine all you like but we are not going back to some medieval theocracy, no matter how many blog posts you write.

    No one is threatening your right to religious worship, because no one would bother, because no one can take it seriously anymore. That is not something you should begrudge the world that has left you behind.

  2. Also, I do not understand how taking the photos would have been a sin. Since the state recognizes homosexual unions, taking their photograph, to maintain your business, does not seem to me to conflict with biblical ethics.

    It seems to me, (but of course you would call me a wretched atheist sinner), that the truly Christian thing to do would have been to take the photographs and then quietly invite the couple to attend church service or asking them if they’ve considered the Christian faith. In that way, you would be obeying the commandment not to judge others, and merely offering them inclusion in the religion that is supposedly the only route to saving their souls.

    Of course, the reason you are so traumatized by all this is that if Christianity is merely a doctrine you have to impose on people, it lacks any a priori grounding in the discourse and law of society. Therefore you are reduced to simply another special interest group promoting your own lifestyle, which reduces it to simply one option amongst the others, and surrenders it to relativism. You would then feel no more special than those hedonistic gays you so disdain. In this respect, I feel genuine sympathy for you. However, it’s clear that the faith that you actually have requires, or is even founded on the exclusion of sinful others. In order to make your faith seem real, there has to be counter examples that will perish by opposing it. It’s sad to see how your faith comes across as merely anti homosexuality, as if homosexuals themselves disproved the existence of God in your minds. The fact that you find them so intolerable is obvious, and you expose how little actual faith you have in your own doctrines by trying to assert on them the judgement that only God is technically entitled to do so. Could your faith exist without them? This is all evidence towards the hypothesis that todays faith presupposes the death of God!

    The anti homosexual passages of the bible are read by many as merely warnings of the horrendous and violent fates that homosexuals have met throughout history. Do you expect homosexuals to trust you to exert power in our society in such a way that would not result in their violent persecution? Of course its questionable if you really care and your concern for their souls is not just pretense covering over a rage that would take sneery pride in seeing them suffer. Whatever the case, I hope you are able to live by the more peaceful injunctions of your religion, which is rightly noted for its repeated warnings against the hubris and folly of mans belief in the certitude of his own judgements.

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