Update on Norwich Minister, Dr. Alan Clifford

During a phone call last evening, from the Police Constable who interviewed him on Saturday past, Dr. Alan Clifford, Minister of Norwich Reformed Church, was informed that a senior officer has decided that the Minister’s action more than likely caused offence, and the file on the matter is to be passed to the Crown Prosecution Service.

They (the CPS) will decide whether Dr.Clifford will be summoned to Court to answer for his actions.

PS  See our previous post on this matter.

2 thoughts on “Update on Norwich Minister, Dr. Alan Clifford

  1. You have the right to be as offensive as you like in a public place (or should do) but sending someone offensive material through the email system is very different and is not a freedom of speech issue but an issue of targeting someone deliberately with material which they would be expected to find offensive. It appears that it is the latter which this individual has been talked to about and the police seem to think that offence was likely. The fact that the offensive material is religious is irrelevant unless you believe that your religious outpourings are above the law. The law in question is to protect people from all kinds of things which they may find offensive when directed to them, not to tramp on anyone’s freedom of speech in a public forum.

    It does seem hilarious (and not a little hypocritical) that you should be championing a perceived (to you) freedom of speech issue when you are so ready to tramp on the freedom of speech of people here on your own blog.

  2. I thought the entire purpose of a Gay Pride march was to put on an “unashamed carnival of perverted carnality”, which is being reported as the “offensive” phrase used. A *funereal* march, in which carnal perverts walked heads down, looking *ashamed*, would not live up to the expectations the public has nowadays, of anything marketed under the Gay Pride branding.

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