When the Saints go marching in (Norwich) proclaiming “Good News for Gays”

A “Gay” Pride parade took place in Norwich, England, on Saturday, 27th July this year. As in many other cities in the UK (and elsewhere,) these shameful displays of the abnormal and obscene are now annual events. In some cities and towns, these paeans to depravity go ahead without opposition, but not in Belfast, Northern Ireland and not in Norwich either.

At Norwich Pride this year, four courageous Christians, one of them a mother who had her baby with her in a pushchair, walked at a distance of 30 – 40 yards ahead of the parade. The Police, who provided a buffer zone between the Christians and the parade, had threatened them with arrest if they “caused offence or distress (!!)”, distributed Gospel leaflets, or even displayed said leaflets! However, the Christians did not allow the threats from the Police to hinder their witness for Christ, and the leaflets were displayed and distributed (to enquirers,) and no arrests were made.

We commend our brave Christian brethren in Norwich and we hope that other Christians will follow their example, though they, like them, be few in number.

The situation in which the aforementioned Christians found themselves reminds us of an incident that took place in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, in 2010, when we, the Whites, were threatened with arrest for displaying a Bible sign which clearly stated that Biblical marriage = 1 man + 1 woman and which was displayed outside an hotel in which a Marriage Fair was taking place hosted by two homosexuals. The Police were not making idle threats, so we had no choice but to comply with their demand. Bear in mind this was three years ago. This was a chilling precursor of things to come.

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