Cruel and barbaric – the slaughter that is Halal

Some supermarkets and fast food outlets (and well-known chicken and meat suppliers,) in Northern Ireland, are selling/serving Halal meat and chicken products and, frequently the customer or patron does not know he is buying or being served Halal meat or chicken. Halal slaughter is the Islamic ritual killing of animals for food.

This should be of concern to many shoppers and consumers in Northern Ireland. If it is not, perhaps viewing the following videos showing Halal slaughter of terrified cattle and sheep will tug at the heartstrings of some.

Be warned, some of the scenes in these videos are gruesome and almost unbearable to watch, but, we urge you to watch as much as you are able to bear, and then, do something to stop this appalling cruelty to animals, i.e  decide to boycott any store or outlet that sells or serves halal meat or chicken, OR insist that halal meat /chicken is clearly labelled and then, avoid buying it.

PS  Halal slaughter usually means that an animal is not stunned prior to having its throat cut, and the poor creatures die slowly and in agony, their screams bear terrible testimony to their suffering.

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