Not wanted in Massachusetts – Non-LGBT affirming foster and adoptive parents

Click on the following link to watch a video and read an article by Amy Contrada, which gives  a chilling look into a very bleak future, where those who refuse to support LGBT identities will not be allowed to foster or adopt children.

5 thoughts on “Not wanted in Massachusetts – Non-LGBT affirming foster and adoptive parents

  1. Very slanted, and economical with the truth, headline you have put there.

    What they said was that

    “they are “weeding out” adoptive and foster parents who are not willing to wholly accept and support LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender) self-identification by a child in their care.”

    In other words they will not place an LGBT youth in the care of people who espouse the sorts of views that you hold because of the “damaging behavious” they engage in towards LGBT people.

    It seems perfectly reasonable to not place a child where they are going to be damaged by prejudice and bigotry specifically against them.

    • We have deleted some of the disgraceful comments you made about those who hold to Biblical views about LGBT individuals. You speak of “damaging behaviours” that those who hold Biblical views engage in, so perhaps you will enlighten us as to what you are talking about.

      Some homosexuals and lesbians have committed terrible crimes against children in their care, and we have posted about some of those cases on our blog.
      Care to comment?

      • The damaging behaviors was a quote from the article you posted. Have you not read it?

        Some christians behave disgracefully and so deserve that behavior commented on but of course that is censored from your blog.

        Some homosexuals have committed terrible crimes and so have some christians – that does not make the majority of homosexuals or christians unfit for parenting – just those who are a danger to children it is the job of the authorities to weed them out as this article you quote is complaining about. I would have a problem if they did not attempt to weed out potentially abusive carers – no matter their religion or sexuality.

        • So, telling a child that the homosexual lifestyle is destructive and abnormal is considered “abusive” and an example of a “damaging behaviour?” Truly, this world is inside out, upside down and back to front, a world where evil is good and wrong is right. What a topsy-turvy world.

          • The article you quote and post is talking about telling an LGBT child that their orientation is destructive and abnormal. That is abusive. If you think that is good then you are the one who cannot tell right from wrong and would deserve to be weeded out as a possible adoptive or fostering placement. Just because you think your justification is biblical has no relevance in the real world.

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