New Zealand Parliament building damaged in an “Act of God”

An earthquake, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, struck New Zealand yesterday. Click on the following link to read more.

In April this year, the New Zealand Parliament legalised homosexual “marriage.” The “gay” lobby were jubilant and triumphant.

That same Parliament building was one of the buildings damaged in yesterday’s earthquake.

Mercifully, no-one was killed, although a number of people were injured, and we hope that none sustained serious, life-threatening injuries.

Homosexual “marriage” will become legal on 19th August this year.

To those who await that day with eager anticipation, the Bible says,  “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs ch.27 v. 1.




8 thoughts on “New Zealand Parliament building damaged in an “Act of God”

  1. You are a disgusting couple of bigots the both of you. May you both meet horrific, violent and painful deaths and end up in hell. I am sure you both will. Karma will take care of the likes of you. Vile people you both are, truly vile and abhorrent individuals who deserve to suffer what you wish on others. May you both rot in Hades.

  2. It is sure from this figure of the Church hidden in the wilderness, that she is not an earthly, visible institution decked in all the pomp and pride of a kingdom of this world, as the Roman error teaches and practices. She is hidden, invisible, heavenly, and known only by the preaching of the Word and by her worship’ in spirit and in truth.
    — Charles D. Alexander

  3. What a load of nonsense! who wrote this article and who is Antrim Reformer? is this what the bible does to people’s brains? obviously!

  4. If Mrs White was struck by lightning, I wonder which way they would spin it? Was it God desperately needing her back for the type of consultation not available by appearing on a slice of toast, or God punishing her for being a bigot?

  5. Mrs. White, strange to see my first comment was not approved by you. I am very perplexed that you would take this decision. Let me not cast doubt upon your virtue and clarity of mind, for no doubt it exceeds my own. However, I am afraid I must ask why my original comment was not approved?

    Is it because you doubt my testimony that the plants on the side of my garden adjacent to the homosexual ‘couple’ living next door all wilted? I can assure you that this was indeed the case! The plants were in a position where they received enough light and water and there was no good reason to my mind why they should not have flourished like the rest of the plants in the garden did. Indeed they were growing fine until the homosexual couple moved in. I am very distressed that you of all people, a good Christian woman with a faith in the fundamentals of the religion that would cast shame on many ordained men, would not take this matter seriously. The foul and corrupt nature of the homosexual may fool the decadent hedonists and weak minded liberals but surely not you! Surely you can give me advice on what to do! I prayed solemnly and with careful reproach but I am afraid that on this matter, the Lord did not answer my pleas. I am at a loss. I plant beautiful hydrangeas and roses but the foul devilry of the satanic orgiers next door must blow on the wind and ruin my good works. Perhaps I am being vain and God has punished these two sinners enough with the curse of homosexuality? What is your opinion on the matter Mrs. White? Should I approach my neighbours and ask them to turn to Christ? Would an exorcism help? Or am I a silly old wretch who is trying to seek divine intervention on matters of obvious triviality? Please let me know!

  6. Your accusations of dishonesty have left me aghast. On closer inspection, it seems you actually make no specific claim that the earthquake was sent as punishment by God, and merely intend the reader to infer it. This demonstrates a shocking lack of faith. I am appalled to have to considered the conclusion that all your supposed faith consists of is an attempt to prove to others that you believe in belief itself. This is no actual adherence to the fundamental laws of Christianity, and merely a vain desire to convince others of your conviction, so they can one day be embarrassed when your belief is finally vindicated. It is as if you seek to use those who have no faith as instruments to demonstrate your own righteousness. This is not authentic Christianity. I invite you to pay closer attention to your bible and suggest you stop choosing which laws you will follow and which you will disregard.

    Why is it so impossible for you to accept that the plants in the part of my garden next to my homosexual next door neighbours died? Is it because you think you know better how nature works than our Lord who created it? You have a disturbing faith in your own intuitions. Is this not evidence of your use of relativistic reason? Oh ye of little faith!

    Having carefully studied the scripture I know better than to trust my own judgement in these matters. However, I had thought I had encountered a true servant of Christ, but perhaps I was wrong. No matter, I shall withdraw into pious solemnity and await Gods instructions. May my prayers for your soul not go unheeded!

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