The Marriage (Destruction) Bill (Same-sex couples) is now law!

The Queen gave homosexual “marriage” the Royal Assent yesterday and, as a consequence of that ignoble deed, the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill is now law.

David Cameron can now enjoy his summer holidays and congratulate himself on the successful outcome of his war on marriage, real marriage, that is, not the pretend “union” of man to man and woman to woman.

Perilous times are ahead for those of us who oppose, and will continue to oppose homosexual “marriage,” despite the fact that the powers that be now declare it legal.

There will be a price to pay for our refusal to be silent and compliant, so we can expect the penalties for speaking out to become ever more severe, so we must be prepared to suffer.

Christians should mourn and weep for the UK, because the wrath of God abideth on it, and never more so than on the day when a British Prime Minister forced into law that which God has forbidden.

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