“What about Sophie, Mr Cameron”?

The following information was sent to us by a Christian friend in England. Further evidence, if any was needed, about the goal of the homosexual agenda, i.e the silencing of all opposition, and, to achieve this goal, the “gay” lobby will threaten and terrify. Of course they are already threatening and intimidating BEFORE homosexual marriage is legal. What will they do to those who continue to oppose them AFTER Mr. Cameron gives them what they want, i.e Mr. Wife and Mrs. Husband!

What follows is from a Christian friend in England.

Alan Craig and the Anglican Mainstream team produced a poster, aimed at drawing our attention to the fact that creating “gay marriages” was designed to do nothing less than cut the link between children and any natural parents and thus end up making children the property of the state.


The poster simply said, “What About Sophie, Mr Cameron?”  But no billboard company dared to put it up.  Alan Craig therefore hired a truck to take it around Westminster on Sunday 14th July


But subsequently it was attacked and the advertising company, Adtrailers Ltd, were forced to take it off the streets.  Adtrailers Ltd informed Alan Craig, campaign director for ‘GayMarriageNoThanks’, that they were “unable to send out the advertising truck today following yesterday’s campaign day. Unfortunately the driver out yesterday received threats, the truck was vandalised and there have been several offensive complaints received.” A company representative also informed Mr Craig that people had made personal threats by email and over the phone which were “horrific”, “violent stuff” and “the worst I have known”.


3 thoughts on ““What about Sophie, Mr Cameron”?

    • Who are you threatening in this comment, Sir? The post you commented on is about the homosexual agenda, it has nothing to do with Islam. Do you realise that it is unlawful to issue threats to anyone, so, perhaps you will explain what you mean by “Prepare Madam.”

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