Poignant scenes at Lee Rigby’s funeral

Yesterday saw the funeral of Drummer Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was brutally murdered by two Muslims.

We saw a copy of today’s Daily Mail in a café we visited, and were taken aback when we discovered that their coverage of Lee’s funeral was found on page 13!  Page 13!

Why was it not on the front cover?

Davis Cameron and Boris Johnson attended the funeral.

Shortly after the murder of Lee Rigby, Messers Cameron and Johnson parroted out the predictable PC multicultural script when they lulled us all into a false sense of security by saying that the attack had nothing to do with Islam.

We’ll conclude this short post with the motto of Lee Rigby’s regiment, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,

“Honi soit qui mal y pense”  which means,  “Evil be to him who evil thinks.”  Those Muslims who killed Lee Rigby certainly had evil, murderous thoughts.
Indeed, they had murder in mind!

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