Channel 4 broadcasts Muslim call to prayer – and is therefore a willing accomplice in the Islamisation of the UK

Channel 4, that well-known citadel of the Left, is to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer during the month of Ramadan, which begins next Tuesday, 9th July.

This call to prayer will be broadcast at sunrise, and on the internet.
Muslims are in the minority in Britain, yet this vociferous, demanding minority are pampered and appeased, and virtually control certain areas of Britain which are almost no-go areas for non-Muslims (and the Police, at times.)

Here is a quote from an opinion piece by a man (probably a Muslim,) who obviously welcomes Channel 4’s provocative decision to assist Muslims in presenting a non-threatening face to an overwhelmingly easily duped public.

“Let’s hope Channel 4’s decision to broadcast the call to prayer and wider Ramadan programmes gives the British people a real taste of the beauty of Islam, which is so often blurred by negative media reporting.” end of quote by Imran Awan, writing in the New Statesman, on 2nd July, 2013.

Did you, dear reader, note the words, “the beauty of Islam,” now what could the writer possibly mean?

The British saw Islam in practice in Woolwich on 22nd May this year, and what was seen was ugly and barbaric. The British public also saw Islam in practice in the horrible, revolting Muslim sex grooming gang cases, recently (and frequently) in the news.

We also see Islam in practice in horrific “honour” killings.

What is this “beauty of Islam” of which this man speaks, and which he would like the British people to have a “real taste of?”

4 thoughts on “Channel 4 broadcasts Muslim call to prayer – and is therefore a willing accomplice in the Islamisation of the UK

  1. Yay, bring it on! I also want the Angelus broadcast at noon and 6pm for all Catholics so we can take time to pause for thought….the Whites would not understand this because they are heathens and intolerant to anything other than Evangelism. Evangelism preaches bigotry, racism and intolerance. Hence the reason this blog exists.

  2. Why? Are you Roman Catholic? The Muslim call of prayer is addressed to the Muslims of the world and they won’t be turning on the television to hear it. Let them hear it from the mosque as usual. There is no need for it to be aired on television! As for evangelism breeding bigotry, racism and intolerance, what pray tell does Islam breed? OH look up the word “heathen” in the dictionary. the Whites don’t meet the criteria.

  3. Liberals castigate Christianity but are in love with Islam. Perhaps they should read their history books once in a while. Islam has one objective – the total Islamization of the world. While Christians tolerate homosexuals (even though proclaiming their behavior to be wrong and sinful), Muslims execute them. In Islam a woman is nothing but a sex slave. If you aren’t a Muslim you deserve to die. But liberals love them anyway, because Christians point to the real God, the God who holds them accountable for their sin!

  4. “In Islam a woman is nothing but a sex slave.”

    How dare you! I am female, married and Muslim. I most certainly am not a ‘sex slave’. I maintain a high profile career in journalism, I have three children and I do NOT condemn non-muslims to death.

    You represent the ignorant, bigoted Christian faction. Allah and God are actually one and the same. What a shame you are such a hate-filled person when your prophet Jesus Christ instructed you to love others as yourself. You clearly do not love yourself. Protestant and Catholic Christians have been killing each other since the 16th century, you Mr and Mrs White live in a country where Protestant Christians have murdered Catholics since the 14th century!

    And you make sarcastic comments about Islam not being a faith of peace? Christianity is the most fractured religion on the face of this earth!

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