South West College becomes Confused Centre – oops, Confucius Centre

The South West College in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, has been designated a Confucius Centre for the South – West region.
This development will, no doubt, be welcomed by the multicultural and multi-faith devotees, many of whom have embraced synchretism, an “all roads lead to God mentality.”
However, for the Bible-believing Christian, this is not a welcome development.


Because the Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, He is not one of many ways.

Those who embrace the teachings of Confucianism, and its “sacred” texts, The Analects and the Book of Filial Piety, will find themselves on a spiritually dangerous road, indeed, the broad road that leads to destruction.

Sadly, it is likely that many students will be influenced by Confucianism as they study at the South West College, but that is unlikely to be of any concern to those in positions of authority in Education who are behind this decision to bring Confucianism to said College. They were likely more, or only, concerned with the prestige the designation of “Confucius Centre” would confer on this particular “seat of learning.”

2 thoughts on “South West College becomes Confused Centre – oops, Confucius Centre

  1. Another route to destruction would be if such exemplars of moral and intellectual prowess as your fine self, Mrs. White, were able to exert your oh so sadly small influence and shut down such courses. The thought of our fellow citizens being allowed to pursue their own learning, free from Christian influence, and that of a foreign culture no less, smacks of dangerous relativism.

    No doubt all the youth of today really need is a copy of the King James, a shovel and a lease on the land for when the next pair of decrepit old fossils pop their clogs and finally let go of it. It must be the usual devils, liberalism, atheism, communism, homosexuality etc. etc. that are corrupting their minds and leading them astray. Dreams of competing in an international marketplace, and, heaven forbid, actually leaving this rainy potato patch – such insolence might have been corrected earlier had we not spared the rod and spoiled the child. It is yet another sign of the moral decay of the times that youth would so jealously desire something other than a life of desolate vacuity surrounded by the bleak squalor of your fundamentalist ilk. And how ungrateful, for who can doubt that you’ve proved time and time again your ability to bring economic prosperity and opportunity to us all!

    Though it pains me to speak it, the rot may very well have spread further than your dare imagine, for it’s possible that many of these students may not even BE Christians! And could not even be converted even if you were to try, considering how difficult it is to take such things seriously when your curiosity and understanding extends further than the 19th century.

    No doubt when your movement has its next renaissance, and again imposes order in a moment of reaction once the pendulum towards decadence has swung too far to the left, you will be able to impose biblical edicts and shut down such devillry. Until that day I await with bated breath, knowing my future lies not in the techno scientific modernity of a Shanghai or Beijing, but in the plain valleys of our lovely Northern backwaters!

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