Disney’s fairy tale – two moms do a family make!

“Relevant.”  Now there’s one of those “buzz” words, so beloved of the politically correct society in which we all live today.

In order to be “relevant,” the Disney Channel children’s show “Good Luck Charlie”, will feature a lesbian couple in a soon-to-be-aired episode.

The storyline will introduce a new friend for “Charlie,” (of the title), and, this new friend will have two “Moms.”

The lesbian characters will probably be portrayed as happy, well-adjusted, and normal individuals, whose bizarre lifestyle and disordered relationship will not attract so much as a raised eyebrow.

In the homosexual strategy book entitled, “After the Ball,” the authors, Madsen and Kirk, suggest portraying homosexuals as friendly, next-door neighbour types, the understanding friend etc. They use the imagery of a tent and a camel and they suggest that the “gay” lobby allow the spotlight on “gentle gays” at first,  i.e.,  get the front of the camel in the tent first.

Then, by a process of desensitisation, more and more of the camel is brought into the tent, and then, and only then, do they suggest that the “madmen” of the “gay” movement “reveal” themselves, by which they mean the drag queens, the sado-masochistic devotees, the man-boy love organisations, etc.

However, by that time, a foolish public will realise, too late, that the camel is in the tent, and that the true intentions of the homosexual movement was to legalise sexual anarchy and deviancy, and that in public, and not just behind closed doors.

Oh, wake up general public, before it is too late!

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