Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias – should apologise for praising false teacher Joyce Meyer

Click on link below to see Ravi Zacharias guest on Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying everyday life” programme.

In 2004, Ravi Zacharias spoke at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, and, in so doing, he muddied the waters between Biblical Christianity and miry Mormonism.
He is showing an incredible lack of discernment yet again, by appearing with spiritually dangerous Joyce Meyer!

9 thoughts on “Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias – should apologise for praising false teacher Joyce Meyer

    • We discovered yesterday, that the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London is advertising books by Ravi Zacharias (and other troubling writers) in their recent book catalogue, and, as the Pastor, Dr.Peter Masters, has strongly emphasised primary and secondary separation (from those who are compromising on previously held convictions, and those associated with them,) we felt it was inconsistent on the part of the Met Tab to sell books by authors like Ravi Zacharias. We knew that he had spoken at the Mormon Tabernacle and we had also heard that he had praised a false teacher, so we believed we needed to post about these matters.

  1. Christians picking on other christians. How typical, how arrogant and no wonder people are leaving their churches because of people like you. Have you ever wondered that you represent nothing that Christ did? you judge, you defame, you belittle and yet you claim to be christians. You do not follow in the Lord’s footsteps, you create a false christianity and preach about it.

    • Well, Ravi appears to have made a couple of errors in judgment, but I would never tell anyone he is a false teacher just for that.

      Gaypride: If you knew anything about the Christian faith you would know that we are to judge teachings and expose those which are false. This is not “picking on other Christians,” rather it is exposing false teachings, period. Doing so does indeed represent what Christ did, and you would know that if you actually read the Bible instead of yammering about stuff which your are ignorant about.

      You just judged, you just defamed, you have belittled this site and those Christians who post on it, yet you hypocritically charge us with doing so.

      I want to know just what it is that makes one “proud” to be homosexual? Proud of what – that you enjoy perversion and abuse of human sexuality? Why the “pride” about sexual behavior?

  2. Your ignorance and bigotry knows no bounds. You have it all sussed this christianity thing eh? you accuse others of false teachings and yet you practice false worship. Your beliefs are wrong and contradict the teachings of Christ, I enjoy my lifestyle because it is the one God gave me. You have chosen to blaspheme and assume the role of judge of your fellow man. You are not a follower of Christ in any way shape or form. God instils pride in me, what a shame you have no pride in yourself, only arrogance.

    • And just what false worship do I have? You worship a false god, because the real God of the Bible has said homosexual behavior is an abomination to Him. God did not give you such a life style – you chose it out of your sinful desires.

      You keep using that word “Christian.” I do not think it means what you think it means. You think there is no judging of sinful behavior, yet Christ told us to judge sinful behavior – such as yours.

      You keep charging us with arrogance, bigotry and ignorance – and I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean either. You just make assertions with no evidence. You make ad hominem attacks because you cannot address the argument.

      You are a blasphemer when you say God is okay with homosexual behavior.

  3. I just happened upon this talk …. may I simply ask here (because I don’t have time to read the whole website to figure it out), can you explain, in a nutshell, why it is that you think Joyce Meyer and Ravi Z. are false teachers/heretics? I am truly wondering … because I have read/listened to these people on and off for many years, and never thought anything they taught was wrong. I’d just like to know … I’m very surprised to hear anyone thinks like this of them …. thank you for your help and insight

    • Joyce Meyer is part of the Prosperity Gospel movement. She believes that God wants us healthy and wealthy. She lives in luxury because her “ministry” has made her a very rich woman indeed. She is not Biblically sound in some of her views. We suggest you search for further information on her beliefs via google. It is also wrong for her to preach, because women are not to usurp authority over men.

      Regarding Ravi Zacharias, he foolishly appeared on Joyce Meyer’s programme and gave her credibility and respectability which she does not deserve. He was also foolish to speak at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, thereby giving credibility to the cult of Mormonism. He edited a book some years ago entitled, “The Kingdom of the Cults,” and Mormonism featured in that book because it is a cult. Yet, a short time later, Mr.Zacharias went to speak at the Mormon Tabernacle in SLC. He did not describe Mormonism as a cult during his talk. Hypocritical of him? We think so!

  4. i donno about that joyce, but didnt jesus say that the healthy didnt need a docter but the sick did? didnt that justify him being at the mormon tabernacle, i mean maybe some could be converted?

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