A “show” called “Queer Moments” will corrupt all who see it!

On this very night, and, on Friday of next week, a venue in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh will be the location of a workshop (tonight) and a live “show” (next Friday,) entitled “Queer Moments.”

These events are part of the “Outburst Queer Arts Festival” (emphasis on the word queer). The homosexuals themselves are happy to use that word in their title, therefore we feel at liberty to emphasise it. This “show” will be a celebration of the bizarre and abnormal masquerading as “art.”

Someone may ask, how do we know that this show will be vulgar, when we haven’t seen it? Our answer is this: one does not need to eat a whole apple to know it is rotten. The title alone condemns this “show.”

We feel it is necessary for us to bring these matters into the public domain, because children and teens are being told the “big lie”, i.e. that the homosexual lifestyle is normal, healthy and wholesome, when in fact, it is destructive and corrupting.

However, we expect that this “show” will go ahead unopposed, because most Christians today want an easy life, and are too busy thinking about the next barbeque or holiday to take a stand against the moral collapse of society.

17 thoughts on “A “show” called “Queer Moments” will corrupt all who see it!

  1. MrandMrswhite,

    This post shows a deep level of prejudice. You condemn something, without having seen it, because of your views of some people who have similar outlooks or characteristics, who have developed it. Queer people have produced some of the most beautiful hymns and music that play day and daily in churches throughout the land, do you condemn them in the same terms? or is it just possible that some queer people might produce something that you might approve of.

  2. Maybe Christians today don’t want so much an “easy” life as one that is more interested in love and acceptance. Y’know? The way Jesus was. Jesus? Remember him? Beard guy, more into love than bitterness? No….? Sorry, that must be another Jesus I’m thinking about. PS. our show is deeply corrupt, particularly the Whitney medley.

    • Yes, Ruth, you are thinking of another “Jesus,” one who is a figment of your imagination, a non-judgemental, tolerant “Jesus,” but certainly not the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible.

  3. Actually, most Christians today are probably out practicing Jesus word, which is not judgement or discrimination but love and respect towards perceived sinners.

    While you sit behind a computer screen and spew hatred and poison. If there were a question here on who has succumbed to Satan’s tricks, Id put my money on you..

    • The Lord Jesus Christ said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8 v. 32. Search the Scriptures, Miss Dee, and you will see a very judgemental and intolerant Lord Jesus. Yes, He is also merciful but He spoke of the wretched human heart and the sins that reside there, and he stated that those sins defile a man. He died on Calvary as our substitute, because God has to punish sin, ours and yours, because He hates sin. Now, please demonstrate where we are speaking contrary to the word of Christ.

  4. I notice you call yourselves “Christians”. What an excellent way to show love for all mankind, with this homophobic outburst. Before you jump to the obvious Leviticus quote I would like to remind you that Levitcus also says you shouldn’t wear clothing of mixed fabrics or have tattoos. Some of you “Christians” seem to just pay attention to certain parts of the Bible, which is a shame. So, I’ll ask you to go now and have a look through your entire wardrobe and see if you have an item of clothing that is of mixed fabric….. DId you? I thought so. Therefore in the eyes of the Bible you have sinned. As all sins are equal, that makes you level pegging with a homosexual in the eyes of the Lord. How does that make you feel?
    As for your pre-emptive strike of “One does not need to eat a whole apple to know it is rotten”. You kind of shot yourself in the foot there, because you didn’t see any of the show, you didn’t take the slightest bite of the apple. You weren’t even in the ‘Fruit and Veg’ aisle. Therefore, that argument is pointless.
    I ask that if you are real “Christians” as you say you are, that you show it and live your life in a Christian way. The other choice is to carry on living your life the way you are, as Pseudo-Christians, pretending you follow the word of God, when in fact you’re just judging people and hating them. It doesn’t say that you should live your life like that in the Bible, in fact it says the opposite.
    However, I expect your “Christian” blogs will go on unopposed, because most real Christians want to lead a happy, easy life guided by the word of God. That and the fact that they’re looking to spread love and joy with friends and family with barbeques and on holiday. In that respect, I guess sadly they’re too busy to stop “Christians” such as yourselves from giving real “Christians” and their religion a bad name.

    • You forgot to mention shellfish! The passages in Leviticus which you quote, those about clothing, for example (and shellfish,) described laws which applied in the theocratic state of Israel, and are not carried over into the New Testament. However, the prohibition on homosexuality is carried over into the New Testament and is still in force today, see Romans ch.1 verses 26 – 32 and Jude verse 7. Adultery is also still forbidden and there are stern warnings against adultery in both Old and New Testaments. You have accused us of “hating” people, may we ask for examples of where we have shown hatred?

      • You’ve got me there, you haven’t actually said you hate anyone. But, saying that they are (in part) responsible for the moral collapse of society and that they are destructive and corrupt is (in my eyes) fairly hateful.
        Now for a genuine question as to the laws in the Old Testament, you clearly know the Bible better than me (not being sarcastic). Does it state that all laws in the Old Testament are only relevant to the theocratic state of Israel, or just some? Genuinely interested.
        I was unaware of the Romans verse that you mentioned, but have since looked it up. It does seeme to say that those Homosexuals are bad. I can’t deny that. But it also says that if you have used your hand to sin that you should chop it off. That if you have used your eyes in lust that you should gouge them out. (Matthew 5: 28-30 and 18: 8-9). Now if you believe and follow the New Testament completely, can you honestly say you wouldn’t be missing an eye or a limb? This is what genuinely confuses me about people that quote the Bible (I’m saying they and not you), they seem to decide on the bits they follow and believe in. They passionately quote it and say “It’s in the Bible, it’s true, it’s the law of God” and then on other bits just tell me that it was symbolic or try and act like some bits are more important than others. So, do you follow every single law of the Bible, take every single thing that is written as truth and believe it with all you heart. Do you follow through with the laws in it? If you have called your Dad “Father” then you haven’t for example.
        How have you decided, in your mind what parts of the Bible you passionately follow?

        • Mr. Ash, we appreciate your comments and note that you have asked several questions. We will endeavour to answer some of them now.

          Regarding calling one’s Dad “father,” there is no sin involved at all. The Bible verse you are referring to, “Call no man you father upon the earth,” Matthew ch.23 v. 9, is commented on in Matthew Henry’s Commentary, and he writes thus, “constitute no man the father of your religion.” God only must be allowed as the Father of our spirits. Hebrews 12 v. 9. Our religion must not be derived from, or made to depend upon, any man.” (end of quote.)
          So obviously, we are not to call any man “father” in a spiritual sense.
          You mention the verses that speak of cutting off one’s hand or gouging out one’s eyes if we have employed them in sin. Here the language is symbolic. The Lord Jesus is teaching that we must be ruthless with the sin in our lives, cut it out, so to speak. That might mean moving house, changing jobs, selling the computer or TV, or avoiding certain people we know will have a corrupting effect on us. We hope you understand the point we are making here.
          If you wish, we will attempt to answer your other points in a later reply. If we have not answered the above questions to your satisfaction, please say so.

          • Thank you for your reply. You say the language is symbolic, how do you know that it is symbolic? What else then is symbolic in the Bible? I have Christian friends who argue over whether or not the story of Noah is symbolic. As to whether Jesus literally bought Lazuras back from the dead, or just spiritually. At the time the Bible was written chopping limbs off was common practice (as I understand) for criminals who steal and commit crimes (sins). So why would they write this symbolically when they are used to seeing this sort of action taken against people who sin? Who are we to say that it isn’t meant literally when in the time of Jesus these things did happen. This is what I truly don’t understand. You guys have clearly taken that as symbolic (I don’t blame you, cutting limbs off sounds scary!), but how do you know it was meant symbolically? Do you consider Noah to be symbolic or literal? Who gets to decide, when it is written as gospel.

          • Sorry for the delay in answering your questions, we will endeavour to answer as many as possible, but we may not be able to answer them all. We believe that Noah was a literal person, because the Lord Jesus mentions him in the New Testament, see Matthew 24 verse 37 and Matthew 24 verse 38 ( Noe is the New Testament spelling of the name “Noah”.)
            We believe that Lazarus was sick and that his sickness led to his death. We believe that the Lord Jesus can raise the dead and that Lazarus is an example of the Lord Jesus’ power over death. Lazarus was dead four days when the Lord Jesus raised him from the dead, saying, “Lazarus, come forth.” He came forth wrapped in grave clothes. See John chapters 11 and 12 verses 9-11 & 17.

            In Psalm 91 verse 4, “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”
            You asked how we know when Scripture is to be taken literally or symbolically, and here is an obvious example of a verse that is symbolic and not literal. God does not have wings, but He is tender towards His children, just as a bird is tender towards her chicks.

  5. Actually the “show” went really well, thanks. We’re available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and other functions should you ever need to avail of our services. Also, top tip, apples that are a little off can be blended up in with delicious smoothies to help stop food waste!

  6. I wish I could have seen this depraved show. I’m sure it would have been full of much fun and frolics and probably celebrated humanity, and all it’s diversity. x

  7. This post really offends me. I have been a christian for 20 yearsvand let me assure you I dont want an easy life nor am I too busy with BBQs and holidays but I know in my heart that God’s love extends to all regardless of sexuality. I have lost friends andseen relationships broken over my views but I will always speak out against those who condemn homosexuality and pray that God will open their hearts and minds to love and accept all that is queer! My kids do!Outburst has my full support and for christisns, please read Steve Chalk’s views on homosexuality available on the Oasis web site. He has an interesting view to share!

    • Ellen, Steve Chalke has been troubling Evangelical Christianity for some years now, as he has described the Biblical teaching of God the Father punishing His Son on the cross for our sins, as “cosmic child abuse.”

      It comes as no surprise that he is now accepting of homosexual relationships. He should be disciplined for his unbiblical views, and, if he persists in them, he should be put out of his church, although we fear that those in his church are probably just like him and therefore, no action will be taken against him (or them.)

  8. Bless you. You sound like you’ve had a troubled life? You need a hug. It’s unfortunate you’ve not realised yet that spreading hatred and prejudice will only lead you to more misery and unhappiness in your life. Try socialising with friends – go to a barbecue, sing, have fun. You will become a better human being if you just try smiling a bit more.

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