The Gaystapo really do hate Christians

We have been verbally attacked for some months now by several commenters. However, two commenters, in particular, (PhilipandMason,) demonstrate extreme hostility and hatred for our Christian convictions. These two “gentlemen” (assuming there are two of them,) really do wish us harm. They seem to have a death wish for us, and would obviously be delighted should something terrible happen to us.

We have published many of their comments, sometimes edited, sometimes not. We have decided to publish their most recent comments (with very little editing,) and we would like all our viewers to read them.

The comments about us (and Mrs.White in particular,) are desperately wicked and evil. You will find their comments on some of the posts we have written this week.

Some weeks ago, they informed us that they were designing a “Mr.&Mrs.White” float, to parade around Belfast during the “Gay” Pride parade on 6th July this year. The intention, of course, is to blaspheme the Bible, mock us and portray us as figures of fun i.e the Northern Ireland version of Westboro Baptist Church.

We were unsure if they were serious or joking when they first mentioned this float (in some of their past comments on our blog,) but they refuse to answer this question, “Are you serious or joking (about designing the aforementioned float,) choosing instead to play games with us and taunt us. However, they (and another commenter who seems to answer questions put to them,) have hinted at the fact that such a float is a reality.
We have warned them that if they mock and ridicule us and our faith in this way, we will view their actions with the utmost gravity and we will seek legal redress.

7 thoughts on “The Gaystapo really do hate Christians

  1. I sincerely hope that as you repeatedly mock and ridicule the gay lifestyle on this blog that they too will seek legal redress regarding the illegal hate propaganda against homosexuals.that you repeatedly publish on here under the guise of evangelical christianity. Why don’t you two reveal who exactly writes the articles you publish here instead of the generic ‘Mr and Mrs White’? take responsibility for what you publish here and be clear and transparent to your readers ( albeit they must be very few owing to the narrow range of commenters here, no more than the same five people seem to ever post comments on this site). Who writes what on this blog? Both of you hide under one pseudonym – I take it this is a tactical procedure to protect each other because you both surely know you have knowingly published discriminatory, sexist, homophobic and racist material on this site that you can be held liable for. Does your solicitor know what you publish on this site?

    • We do not “hide” under the pseudonym “Mr. & Mrs. White”, we ARE Mr. & Mrs. White. Your comments about us hiding our identity are ridiculous and laughable. We assume you do not live in Northern Ireland because, if you did, you would know we are who we say we are! Even our enemies in Northern Ireland (and we have many,) have never accused us of hiding under a pseudonym, they know that we are truthful about our identity.

      You accuse us of publishing “discriminatory, sexist, homophobic and racist” material on our blog. Now, Sir, we challenge you to provide evidence of your accusations. By the way, we do not have a Solicitor and, if we had, we would not seek his permission before publishing articles.

    • Mr.Jones,
      We have deleted your most recent comment, as we are not answering any more questions from you about our identity. We suggest you read the post entitled “About us.” You are free to comment on any of our posts, such as the one you used to accuse us of hiding under a pseudonym. Perhaps now you will comment on the Gaystapo.

  2. Have you raised your concerns with the organisers of Belfast Pride? It certainly was the case that floats that ridicule or otherwise mock individuals were banned, and if this is still the case (and I don’t see why this would have changed) the committee will prevent it from happening.

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