Thou shalt not bear false witness


This report is copied from the Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper.



Facebook rape plot liar: Woman made up claims, picked ‘attackers’ at random and tore own clothes in bid to keep partner

7 Jun 2013 07:48

LINSEY ATTRIDGE accused random men on Facebook in a bid to gain sympathy and comfort after fearing her relationship would break down.

Linsey Attridge
Linsey Attridge


A KICK BOXING instructor whose partner falsely claimed she had been raped by two strangers spoke of his two-year agony yesterday.

Linsey Attridge feared that her relationship with Nick Smith was on the rocks.

So she hatched a twisted plot to win his sympathy by accusing two men she picked at random on Facebook of rape.

Nick, 32, spent weeks comforting 31-year-old Attridge – only to learn she had made up the whole thing.

She claimed that the two men had broken into the Aberdeen home she shared with Nick at the time and attacked her.

Last night, after seeing the full extent of Attridge’s lies exposed in court when she admitted wasting police time, Nick spoke of his fury that she had not been jailed.

He said: “I’ve spent the last two years trying to build bridges with my parents, my sister and some of my friends – just because of everything that happened.

“I also feel sorry for the two guys on Facebook. I don’t know who they are. She just picked them off Facebook.

“They didn’t deserve that. These poor guys were tormented. They won’t get any compensation for this.”

On Wednesday, Aberdeen Sheriff Court was told Attridge had been in a relationship with Nick for around 18 months at the time of the incident.

The romance had hit the rocks and the couple looked destined to split.

But she thought she could save their relationship and get Nick to be more caring towards her by claiming to have been a rape victim.

Nick Smith
Nick Smith


She even punched herself in the face and ripped her own clothes to add credibility to her lie. She then pointed out two random strangers on Facebook to police as the alleged rapists.

The pair were detained, questioned and had to undergo forensic and medical examination before police ruled there was no evidence to support her claims.

Single mum Attridge, now of Grangemouth, was sentenced to do 200 hours’ community service.

Nick, who was at the court hoping to get some closure, slammed the sheriff’s decision not to jail her.

He said: “I think the sentence was ridiculous. I actually walked out of the court as soon as I heard it. I think the justice system has let us all down.

“Sitting in court and hearing all that was hard to take. But I’m glad it’s done and dusted and I can move on.

“It’s been really quite bad as, while we were together, I lost touch with family and friends. She started arguments with good friends and I think it was because they had figured her out.

“She doesn’t think about anyone else or the consequences of her actions. She should have been locked up.”

Attridge has 12 months to complete her community payback order. She was also placed under social work supervision.

Police refused to comment on the case.




Mrs.White comments on this case

Can we now expect to hear the various Feminist Rape Crisis Centres speak out and denounce this evil woman?

What is the likelihood that the “sisterhood” i.e Feminists, will publicly condemn her (and she is not the only woman to make a false accusation of rape?

Will we hear a chorus of disapproval from them?


5 thoughts on “Thou shalt not bear false witness

  1. Oh yes,we wondered when you would jump onto this story, this is right up your street isn’t it? evil women victimising poor innocent defenceless men. The defence teams stack juries in rape cases with women like you Susan because of your judgemental attitude towards your own gender, women like you are always keen to cast a stone at other women because you see no good in anyone, you judge women on the length of their hemlines.

    • If you were falsely accused of a crime by a woman, how would you react? Why don’t you comment on the story about this woman, instead of your usual ad hominem attacks? Do you think the newspaper was right to publish the story, or do you think her crime should have been covered up? We have every right to post newspaper articles on our blog, and, if you don’t like it, don’t read our blog. We are considering banning you from making any further comment but, before we make our final decision, will you answer the question you have ignored i.e are you serious or joking about designing a “Mr.& .Mrs.White float? If you are serious, be assured of this, Sir(s), we will view your actions with the utmost gravity and we WILL seek legal redress. You are not dealing with weak, compromising Christians on this blog.

  2. If we were falsely accused of a crime by ANYBODY we would right a wrong however YOU pick and choose who to attack here and of course you chose to single THIS case out because it gives you the opportunity to denigrate a woman in order to support your habitual rantings about ‘feminists’. Why are attacks on people you single out for exposure here styled as ‘issues of moral concern’ but so-called ‘attacks’ on yourself ‘ad hominem’…? the same yardstick you use against other people is perfectly justified in using against yourselves. You can dish it out but not take it. As regarding you last line, we are not dealing with christians at all on this blog…only judgemental, sanctimonious individuals. May you drown in a sea of your own bitterness.

    • Do you think this woman’s crime should have been covered up? If she had accused one of you of rape (she found the men to accuse on Facebook and knew nothing about them,) would your attitude towards this woman be the same?

  3. Her crime was already well publicised, why do you need to write about it other than it fits in with the style of what you do here? Your attitude to women in general is already poor enough, you have used this story to push your anti-female agenda and nothing else. I have never seen you write about male crimes against women on this site – events in Islamic and foreign countries aside. Why do you not write about the abuse of elderly people in care homes in Northern Ireland? why is your anger always directed at women?

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