The ignominious vote of 242 ignoble Peers of the Realm

On Tuesday of this week, in the British House of Lords, 242 members voted for homosexual marriage by rejecting an amendment proposed by Lord Dear, which would have denied the homosexual “marriage” Bill a Second Reading.

148 members voted for Lord Dear’s amendment and they are to be commended for so doing.

The homosexual lobby, and their supporters are naturally delighted with the result of the vote. We suspect, however, that, if they get their way, and the law is changed to their satisfaction, their interest in same-sex marriage will quickly wane, as they consider what their next demand should be.

The National Secular Society’s Terry Sanderson, penned the following words in an article in his magazine/newsletter, after the result of the vote was known,

“There will be further attempts no doubt at committee and report stage to sabotage the Bill, but it all now looks hopeless for the opponents. Same sex marriage is going to happen……..”

The Bill, entitled  “Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill,” now goes to Committee stage in the House of Lords, on 17.6.13, then the next stage is the Third Reading.

To watch some of the debate on this Bill, in the House of Lords this week, click on the following link,

9 thoughts on “The ignominious vote of 242 ignoble Peers of the Realm

  1. I for one Susan dear will not stop till I have full equality, the same rights as any other citizen! We have much left to do here Susan such as adoption rights, getting rid of blood ban etc etc

    Susan, why the obsession with lgbt people??? Me having the same right to get married as you will not affect your marriage in any way!

  2. No, you don’t want the same rights – you want the right to redefine marriage. No one else has the right. It will never be real marriage no matter how many laws are made. “Full equality” to you means changing definitions and forcing people to sanction what is perverse.

    You want the right to adopt? Then why shouldn’t a pedophile have the right to adopt? If morality means nothing in adoption, then why decide against someone else’s immorality?

    Banning the giving of blood is to avoid poisoning the population with diseases that run rampant in the homosexual community. But, you don’t care about spreading that around – so long as you have your “right” to do it.

    • Glenn love. Is there another of you wondrous biology lesson coming up. Do tell me what disease exists in blood from lgbt people that does not exist in blood from non lgbt individuals?

      • You, with the fake name to harass the owner of this blog, are intentionally being deceitful. LGBT have a much higher rate of all STDs, and especially of AIDS. That has been empirically demonstrated. But facts don’t mean much to perverts, do they?

  3. Comparing paedophiles to gay people can only be justified by saying all men are rapists of women. AIDS began in Africa in heterosexual people …. Marriage is real to the people who enter it, gay or straight. Our darling Glen, we will win the fight over the bigotry and hate that people like you spread. Remember that sweetheart.

    • P&M,
      Where did I compare pedophiles to homosexual people? By comparing one perversion to another – and that is a valid comparison. Also, it is an empirical fact that the percentage of pedophiles among homosexuals is exponentially greater than the percentage of pedophiles among heterosexuals. In fact, the homosexualists are arguing for lowering age of consent, and even have a group fostering pedophilia – NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).

      Marriage has a definition. If you can call two people of the same sex a marriage, then you can call a circle a square. Same-sex fake marriage will never be real marriage any more than a dandelion can be a rose.

      It isn’t hate to tell the truth. Nor is it bigotry to fight against that which corrupts society. No, the bigotry is on the side of people like you who actually DO hate those who point out your perversion for what it is.

      Your childish behavior of continuing to call me terms of endearment is just another example of YOUR hate and bigotry against ME!

    • Oh, by the way P&M, my understanding of the origin of AIDS in Africa was due to men having sex with monkeys, and then taking it home to their spouses or girlfriends or prostitutes. While this is one of many ideas put forth, the origin was certainly not from sexually moral heterosexual people;
      Only one theory thinks it came from eating particular meat, but this has not been proven.
      It does not spread among people who are sexually moral, without being introduced via a blood transfusion. Sexual immorality, especially of the male homosexual variety, has been the main spreader of the epidemic.

  4. Glenn d******, …………. you call yourself a Christian h****? going to church and quoting a bible makes you no more a christian than does standing in a garage make you a car. Your hate and bigotry will see you spend eternity in Hades. We just might see you there… 😉

    • P&M,
      Your ad hominem attack is totally untrue to start with. Give evidence of my bigotry or hate. I have neither. You have no idea what Christianity is about.

      God said that those who practice homosexuality would be the ones in hell. Along with the liars, murderers, etc. One must repent of these sins and follow Christ to be saved. REPENT means to leave the sin behind – not glorify in it and be “proud” about it.

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