LDS (the Mormons) love LGBT (so do the Boy Scouts)

Click on the following link to see Boy Scouts proudly marching at the front of a gay pride parade in Salt Lake City on Sunday past. Many Mormons also joined the sodomite extravaganza.


The Mormon cult (and we use this word deliberately,) is clearly beginning to embrace the LGBT lobby, despite stating (on paper at least,) their opposition to the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage.

This should not surprise us because Mormons believe in “lying for the Lord,” i.e  doing and saying whatever it takes to show Mormonism in a good light thereby winning converts. A few years ago, Donny Osmond stated that Joseph Smith had only one wife, (in fact, he had over 30 wives.) That undisputable, historical fact did not stop Donny telling a tall tale.

Perhaps the Mormon church is becoming gay friendly in the hope that many in the LGBT community will become Mormons.

0 thoughts on “LDS (the Mormons) love LGBT (so do the Boy Scouts)

  1. Those scouts not only violated the Boy Scout oath they took, but they also flagrantly disobeyed their leaders who told them they could not wear their uniforms in that parade. These Scouts should be summarily dismissed from the association.

    As for the LDS, the are officially against homosexuality, and were attacked by homosexuals for supporting California’s proposition 8 against same-sex fake marriage. However, there are those in the leadership who are going soft on homosexuality.

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