Update on Messers Boonzaaier, Prinsloo, Trollip and Keevy (South Africa)

The four above-mentioned men were back in Court last week and, yet again, their case was postponed, this time until 23rd August this year.

One of the men was previously granted bail (Mr.Boonzaaier,) and we presume he is still out on bail. Another man, Martin Keevy, may (or will be) admitted to a psychiatric unit for a 30 day evaluation. His case is postponed until 24th June. We are unsure as to what this means, because it may mean that the decision about a psychiatric assessment for him will be made on 24th June, or it may mean that the charges against him will be heard in Court on that date.

We wish to make it clear (again) lest there be any misunderstanding, that our interest in the case of these four men is humanitarian, as we are in no position to declare them innocent or guilty.

However, white people (and some black people) do not fare well in some South African prisons and, on some occasions, in Police custody. We have read of horrific cases of white people being sodomised in prison and suffering other horrible abuses.

We do not believe that prisons and police stations should be places of brutality, but, in the case of South Africa, there is some evidence which points to some of them being just that.

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