Dress was the issue, not character!

We received this comment tonight, from “Coleen R”, and we assume she is who she says she is (Coleen Rooney):

“You have no right or invitation whatsoever to imply I behave or dress in an indecent manner. I am offended at this personal attack on my character, reputation and family and advise you remove this defamatory content at once or you will be receiving notice to do so forthwith from my solicitor. If you refuse to comply I will not hesitate to commence legal action against you Mr and Mrs White, via my legal advisor, for defamation of character.”

The comment advises us to remove our post or face legal action for “defamation of character”. Our post was entitled “The uniform of feminism as worn by Coleen Rooney”, so obviously the post was about dress. The word “character” was not mentioned. This is not the first time we have been threatened with legal action because people do not appreciate hearing the truth.

That being the case, we would greatly appreciate some support from Evangelical Christians who believe, as we do, that women should dress modestly.

4 thoughts on “Dress was the issue, not character!

  1. For petes sake we don’t for one minute believe people with the Rooneys wealth and status would bother with reading blogs like this, shes just had a baby as if she’s got the time! it would be their style to send you a legal letter if anything rather than post a reply on an inane blog, we think someone is pulling your leg and having a good laugh at the response. Colleen is too rich to care what you or anybody thinks about her.

    • Phillip and Mason, could it be that you are “pulling our leg” about your threat to design a “Mr.& Mrs.White float? You have not responded to our requests for assurances that you were “joking” when you informed us that you were designing a float with one purpose in mind i.e to mock us. Therefore, we assume you ARE serious, and we will post about this matter on our blog because not everyone reads the comment section. By the way, we were approached by an individual, who refused to identify himself, last Wednesday (??! could he be your Representative) as we protested outside a Methodist Church’s “gay” marriage seminar. We wonder how he knew we would be there?! He left us with these jolly words ringing in our ears, “I’ll give you a wave from the float (or words to that effect,) and then, brave man that he was, he ran away.

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