8 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America – the homosexualisation of a once great organisation has begun

  1. If I had a son in the scouts, I’d pull him out just to make a moral statement.

    Someone said to me today that having an openly homosexual teen sharing a pup tent with another teen scout would be no different than putting a young man in a pup tent with a young woman. I agree. The sexual desire would be there, whether or not acted upon. So why entice?

  2. In answer to your frantic question; It will end when god stops creating homosexual people. He never will though, he has created us from the beginning. He wont do such a thing to satisfy hateful people like you. People like you must anger God no end. He did not write your bible; intolerant, bigoted, tribal and desert-dwelling middle-eastern men did. And you follow it in 2013? we wish Susan lived 2000 years ago, their laws would have taken care of the likes of her.

    • P&M,
      God doesn’t create “homosexual” people. Actually, he doesn’t create people at all. God created two people, and the rest of humanity has come through pro-creation, which was part of the biological processes God created.

      People do indeed choose whether or not to be homosexual. They are not designed for homosexual behavior, nor was it ever programmed into people. Which is one of the reasons God calls it an abomination. People choose to participate in homosexual behavior, and that is what makes them homosexual. If they don’t have homosexual relations, they are not homosexual – they are just people who have homosexual desires.

      It is not “hateful” to say that homosexual behavior is wrong, and that it is a sin. In fact, it would be hate to not tell sinners that they are sinning.

      You claim the Bible was written by “intolerant, bigoted, tribal and desert-dwelling middle-eastern men.” Well, the intolerant and bigoted people are those like you who refuse to accept our beliefs and yet demand we accept yours. Very hypocritical of you.

      And the “tribal” men who lived in the desert of the middle east wrote the Bible as the Holy Spirit directed them, so it is God’s word.

      As for 2000 year old laws supposedly “taking care” of Susan, do you know for a fact what the laws were 2000 years ago, and what specific laws Susan would be violating? I don’t think so, so your statement is nothing but foolish speculations propagated by your intolerance and bigotry.

  3. You are not God Glenn and where do you get off speaking for Him? He knows what He created, people like you try and change his work and you will never succeed. God accepts us no matter what you say.

    • I speak for what God tells us in the Bible. God does not contradict himself. God does not accept you if you are unrepentant in your sin. He does not accept sin. God said that homosexual behavior is an abomination to him. Simple as that.,

  4. God has spoken to us through prayer and we know he loves and accepts us. You will never be able to argue with that Glenn and Susan.

    • It wasn’t the God of the Bible which responded to you if it contradicts the Bible. It was that “angel of light” Paul tells about in 2 Cor – Satan. God does not love sin and will not accept homosexual behavior.

      • Rubbish Glenn. We don’t accept the bible because it was written by men and tribal, desert-dwelling men at that. With the same attitudes as men like yourself actually. God created homosexuality just as he created heterosexuality and bisexuality. We know this because we feel His love and acceptance because He brought us together. You and anything you say to the contrary will never change that and nor will your bible be accepted by us in refuting it.

        If you really knew God you would not need your bible, He speaks to us without any need for it. Quote away all you like, you only quote the words of men, not God. God does not channel Himself through books or images. You are misled. By the way…the term ‘homosexual’ was not coined when Paul lived – you quote a passage that has been changed, reinterpreted and re-written so many times by people that it has been twisted to serve the purposes of the bigoted and narrowminded such as yourself. You are a victim of propaganda Glenn. Your Christianity is not the same Christianity that Jesus Christ began. Jesus and God would never tell us that our love is wrong – only you and your type do that. Which is why darling, what you say will never bother us. We are safe in His love no matter what you say.

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