There was a soldier, a British soldier …

To see pictures of the young soldier brutally slain yesterday, click on the following link,

I was deeply moved to see these pictures of the gallant young man, on his wedding day, and on duty. He was 25 years old and his terrible death has sentenced his family to a lifetime of sorrow.

His killers are deserving of the death penalty, but the sentence of death cannot be pronounced on them as it was abolished. That being the situation, in their case, life in prison had better mean just that, i.e they must never be released.

4 thoughts on “There was a soldier, a British soldier …

  1. This type of violence will increase in frequency as long as the PC politicians do nothing about Islam. They continue to allow immigration and pander to all their demands. It is a travesty borne of stupidity.

  2. ……….. I have read thoroughly through this site and I ask, if you do not support abortion then why do you support the death penalty? the two men who committed this abhorrent crime were radicalised by a particular religion, ……… …. When you write, speak or preach to the public about your religious or political views then you are a radical. This site is a radical christian site. Jesus was a radical and condemned to death for it. Are you prepared to follow in his footsteps?

    • The death penalty is for murder, as God ordained when Noah stepped of the ark. It is the punishment for taking the life of another human.

      Abortion it the taking of an innocent life, and therefore abortion is murder.

      Those men weren’t “radicalized” by anything. They were behaving according the worldview of the teachings of Islam – real Islam.

      Perhaps you need to define what you mean by “radical.” Jesus was certainly no radical, nor are any Christians who are following the Biblical teachings of Christianity.

      By the way, Jesus was not condemned to death for being a radical. He was condemned to death by Jews who did not want him usurping all their authority and tipping the applecart with the truth he was telling. So they trumped up charges and asked to have him executed (Jews did not have the authority under Roman Law to execute). Pilate had Jesus executed so as to keep the peace with the Jewish leadership because he was worried about keeping his position.

      But that is just the earthly view. Jesus allowed himself to be executed – sacrificed as an atonement for our sin.

      As for being prepared to follow in Jesus footsteps – I do my best every day to do so.

    • Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby and we condemn it. “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell killed many unborn babies AND some babies who were born alive despite his attempts to kill them in the womb. We believe he deserves the death penalty. If he, and other murderers (such as the Woolwich savages,) were executed, it could not be said that they were murdered by the State, rather, the State would be carrying out its God-ordained function of punishing evildoers by executing them.

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